North Vancouver Power Washing

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North Vancouver Power Washing

With our North Vancouver power washing and other home cleaning services, Shack Shine provides happiness in every detail.

Two things probably come to mind when you think about cleaning your home: it’s too much of a hassle to do yourself, but cleaning companies are usually too one-dimensional and expensive to make a dent for your budget.

Shack Shine has noticed the pitfalls of the industry, so instead of conforming, we’re innovating the cleaning business. While other companies will clean one part of your home— exterior power washing, window washing or cleaning gutters, for example —Shack Shine will make one detailed visit and handle any home cleaning tasks you’ve been putting off.

With other companies, you might get one job done for a hefty price. With us, we’re in and out so fast, you won’t even notice we were there. Our prices are reasonable and our cleaning services are comprehensive, meaning fewer chores and less hassle until the next time you call us.

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Regular North Vancouver Power Washing

Go ahead, sit down to dinner with your family in your newly spotless home. Shack Shine will make your home smile!

When you need North Vancouver power washing, gutter cleaning or regular home cleaning maintenance, give us a call. During your consultation with our team, specify exactly what cleaning you need our expert technicians to handle for you, and we’ll give you an estimate.

When your cleaning day arrives, we’ll walk through your property confirming your preferences and taking note of any special instructions. In one detailed visit, you’ll have all your cleaning tasks done expertly by our trained, uniformed technicians, leaving you stress free.

When you see our shiny, organised trucks pulling away from your home, you’ll know you chose a North Vancouver power washing company right, the first time.

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Why Is Shack Shine North Vancouver's Favourite Company?

We take the hassle out of cleaning, and save you time and money.

Here are some reasons why our customers call us again and again for North Vancouver power washing and other cleaning services:

  • Our service is easy to use, approachable and fairly priced. We’ll offer you a detailed proposal outlining the details of our visit and an estimate so everything will be up-front and transparent. Shining home, smiling family.
  • We care about the community. We’re shining your neighbourhood, one home at a time, and we’re not cutting corners in the process. We use the newest and best cleaning technology, and eco-friendly cleaning products to minimize our service’s environmental impact.
  • We do everything you need in one detailed visit. No more playing phone tag with different contractors to get your home power washed or your gutter cleaned. Shack Shine will show up once, provide all the high quality cleaning services you specify, and leave your home positively shiny every time.
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At Shack Shine, Our Customers Come First

We get it, you're busy, but that's no reason to ignore your most valuable asset; your home.

We can help you have constant peace of mind about the cleanliness of your home, any time you need us. Shack Shine ensures that your home will love you every day of the year.

Of course, with Shack Shine, you don’t have to stop after one visit. With our Annual Maintenance Program, we’ll automatically check in yearly and see what you need. You’ll get VIP pricing and priority service, giving you peace of mind about your home, for life.

Here are just a few examples of the cleaning services the experts at Shack Shine can provide to our North Vancouver customers again and again:

  • Interior and exterior window washing
  • Exterior power washing, including wood and aluminum siding, brick and stucco
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Cleaning services for commercial businesses and property managers

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With Shack Shine’s North Vancouver power washing and other services, your home will shine like never before. Contact us, and let Shack Shine’s expert technicians show you how we’re like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

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