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Are you tired of getting up on a ladder every year and breaking your back cleaning mud, leaves and debris out of your gutter? Do wish you home and your windows had just a bit more shine?
Shack Shine has invented the industry of House Detailing, and didn't stop there. Our services are innovative, and our friendly, uniformed technicians provide cleaning solutions that meet any budget.

Check out Shack Shine, talk to our staff and build your online booking for the services that you need, exactly when you need them! We strive to provide our customers happiness in every detail.

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Time Saving Gutter Cleaning Solutions

What can Shack Shine offer your home? We don't understate the value of time saved and peace of mind. You want a home detailer you can trust with all your projects, and you want to be freed up to spend time with your family; happy home, happy family!

When you see our shiny vans pull up to your house, you’ll know that you’re in good hands. Even more importantly, by the end of our efficient home detailing visit, you’ll be able to cross a few things off your to-do list. Are you smiling at the thought of it? We thought so! Shack Shine is shining your neighborhood, one house at a time!

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Our St. Paul MN Gutter Cleaning Process

Shack Shine offers a range of services that promise to make your life easier. Shack Shine's St. Paul gutter cleaning is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! People don't often realize the effect that dirty gutters can have on their home. As leaves and debris build up in your home's gutters, water can't flow properly and backs up. All of this weight can cause your gutters and downspouts to crack or break off completely.

With Shack Shine’s gutter cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about damage due to dirty gutters; our team will clean your gutters regularly to save you from water pouring out around your property or serious damage.

Give us a call. We’ll handle your home detailing needs in a way that fits your schedule and your budget, providing you unmatched peace of mind. Your home will love you!

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How Do We Do It

When you call Shack Shine's world-class customer service representatives or complete our easy, online booking, our uniformed, friendly technicians will show up on the date of your choosing. In one detailed visit, we'll complete all the services you need, making you home the envy of the neighborhood.

Need regular services? No problem! Our annual maintenance programs make it easy for you to keep your home shiny as ever, without having to book us each time for separate appointments. We’ll keep your home detailed year round, offering a cleaning schedule and convenient, up-front pricing so you can plan for your budget and for your clean home.

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Shack Shine St. Paul MN Eliminates Risk and Frees Up Time

When you book our St. Paul gutter cleaning services, or any one of our other innovative home detailing services, you can rest assured that you'll save time and money with Shack Shine.
We use the latest pressure washers and cleaning equipment, drive shiny, organized trucks and offer our customers the best home detailing services, all backed by our comprehensive liability and equipment insurance.

We’ll even send you a detailed proposal before the day of our visit, outlining what we’ll do at your home and how we’ll do it. From the moment you book Shack Shine to the moment you watch our shiny trucks drive away from your sparkling home, you’ll be glad you counted on us for your home detailing needs.

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Are you ready to see your home transformed into one so bright you gotta wear shades? Give us a call or go online and get a quote to start visualizing how Shack Shine can make your St. Paul home cleaner than you or your family could ever imagine! It's like we always say: shining home, smiling family.

Contact us today to see what Shack Shine is all about; you won’t be sorry!

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