Shack Shine’s Story

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Shack Shine's Story

After ten years building and operating a multimillion dollar commercial painting business, Dave Notte wanted a new entrepreneurial challenge.

Dave was drawn to start a business with the following characteristics:

  • Part of a fragmented and “dirty” industry
  • High margin potential
  • Recurring revenue / builtin repeat business

After looking at a variety of industries outside of his expertise, a friend suggested that Dave stick to home services.

Dave zeroed in on window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and power washing after confirming that the industry ticked all of his required boxes.

Shack Shine’s first franchise launched on Vancouver’s North Shore in March 2014. The company had its first truck booked to capacity in just two weeks.

Later that year, Dave approached Brian Scudamore (founder of O2E Brands and 1800GOTJUNK?), hoping that Shack Shine could join the O2E Brands family.

Dave wanted to create the world’s first international “house detailing” brand, and he knew that leveraging O2E Brands’ franchising, marketing, sales, and customer service systems would be the best way to achieve this.

After lots of back and forth , Shack Shine joined O2E Brands in 2015.

The brand

Once confident in the business model, it was time for Dave and Brian to solidify the brand. It needed to be friendly, fun, catchy, and memorable. After much deliberation, Shack Shine was born.

Why Shack Shine? Dave loved combining the tongue in cheek term “shack” with “shine”. It’s fun, memorable, edgy and playful.

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