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Window & Gutter Cleaning in Maple Valley

Homeownership can be a grand thing, but it definitely comes with some responsibilities that aren't always fun to deal with. Keeping your home clean can be difficult beyond the simple tasks of straightening up and vacuuming carpets. When the windows get dingy, your siding looks dull, and the gutters overflow, you can trust Shack Shine to make it beautiful again.

The local Maple Valley window and gutter cleaners, Shack Shine sends teams of uniformed, friendly technicians to your home with organized, shiny trucks to help you get everything ship-shape again.

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Interior Window Cleaning Services

Our friendly, uniformed technicians perform all interior window cleaning the old-fashioned way: by hand. We use applicators and squeegees to give your windows a fresh sheen that allows more light into your home and leaves you with a clean look for the home. We don't just handle regular windows though.

We can also clean skylights and solariums, and all interior cleaning services come with a wipe down for window sills, frames, and screens to ensure all of the dirt and dust are removed. Shack Shine technicians also wear boot covers to ensure we aren’t creating more messes in your home.

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Exterior Window Cleaning Services

Whenever possible, Shack Shine technicians use the applicator-and-squeegee approach to cleaning your windows from the outside. However, we value the safety of our employees and the condition of your home. When we can't reach higher windows, our teams bust out the latest cleaning technology to give your windows a new shine while keeping two feet safely on the ground.

Our professional technicians use carbon-fiber, water-fed poles to apply our cleaning solution to those hard-to-reach exterior windows and then squeegee them clean. Best of all, with an exterior window cleaning, you don’t even have to be home for us to get the job done!

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Power & Pressure Washing

The windows aren't the only part of your home's exterior that need regularly cleaning. Shack Shine can power wash brick facades, concrete foundations, and wood siding to remove grime, dirt, and debris to restore that beautiful curb appeal to your home. We use powerful steam machines and pressure washers to get the job done without the need for harsh chemicals.

Sometimes even the siding on your home needs a good scrub down to remove tough dirt, mildew, mold, and stains. We use a mixture of water-fed poles, low-pressure rinsing, and hand scrubbing to get your siding cleaned off. This is particularly helpful for vinyl and aluminum siding.

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Gutter Cleaning

When the seasons turn from summer to fall, your biggest nemesis is the fall leaf drop. Those once-beautiful colors from the trees have now fallen on your roof and clogged your gutters. Rather than climbing on your roof and steadying on an unstable ladder, let Shack Shine clear the gunk from your gutters from the safety of the ground.

Our organized technicians have curved vacuum poles that can reach up into your gutters from the ground and suck out all of the organic debris, which is fed into the canisters in our trucks and hauled away with no mess.

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Benefits of Shack Shine

There's no shortage of benefits from using Shack Shine. From easy scheduling to one-day appointments, you won't believe how easy it is to work with Shack Shine to give your home a new shine. Here's how it works:

  • Call Us or Go Online: With a few details on your job, we can provide you an accurate estimate for your proposed job.
  • Easy Booking: You’ll receive your estimate via email, and if you like it you can schedule our technicians on the phone or even book us online.
  • No Need to Miss Work: We give you an exact time of arrival, not an estimated window, so you know exactly when we’ll arrive.
  • Fast Service: We complete all jobs in just one visit, guaranteed!
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