Seattle Pressure Washing Services

Shack Shine is the go-to team for pressure washing Seattle homes!

Our team knows the value of hard work and we know you’re busy. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service that provides a deep-down, like-new clean to your hard surfaces. Residential power washing in Seattle is one of the most effective ways for cleaning the hard surfaces around your home. When you put your project in Shack Shine’s hands, you get the results you want and need.

Residential Pressure Washing Service in Seattle

We use the latest technology to ensure a high level of clean, but never damage the surfaces we clean. Your home will love you. Our pressure washing Seattle services are also one of the safest ways to clean surfaces around your home without damaging the environment. With this method, you don’t have to worry about chemicals impacting your landscaping either.

Types of Power Washing Services

Shack Shine’s Seattle team provides a wide range of power washing services for just about any horizontal surface around the exterior of your home.

Brick Houses and Vinyl Siding

If your home is looking a bit discolored or dull, it may not need to be painted, but rather cleaned. Our pressure washing services will strip away all of the built-up grime and debris on your home to give you a fresh, like-new look.

Concrete and Driveways

We also cleanse your concrete and driveway. Pressure washing these surfaces is very safe to do, but it doesn’t require harmful chemicals. Rather, we use a high-pressure system that pulls away stains and debris even ground in material from your vehicle’s tires.

Deck and Patio Furniture

Not only can Shack Shine help with the removal of debris from your decking but also from patio furniture. This depends on the type of materials you have. We’re shining your neighborhood, one home at a time.

Why Use a Pressure Washing Service?

Pressure washing from Shack Shine does the dirty work for you. Our team provides a safe way to create a like-new look to your home. This reduces your costs to maintain your home (you don’t have to paint so often) and it can help you to have the shiniest home on the block. Even better, pressure washing Seattle properties can also help to reduce deterioration of siding or other surfaces.

Annual Maintenance Program

To make it even easier for you to get the pressure washing services you need, simply use our easy online ordering system. Check out our annual maintenance program. This allows you to get the Seattle pressure washing and other exterior house cleaning services you need without fail. You don’t even have to call us or be home. We’ll arrive, move your home furnishings as necessary and replace them, and even take before and after photos so you can see just how must we’ve done.