Gutter Cleaning in Surrey, BC

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Here at Shack Shine, we offer professional, environmentally responsible gutter cleaning services throughout Surrey!

Your gutters do more than trim your roof – they work to direct rainwater and melting snow away from the exterior walls of your home to protect your foundation and help keep your basement dry. When leaves, twigs and dirt can clog up your gutters, causing them to rust, overflow, or even break.

Our friendly, uniformed technicians work quickly and efficiently to thoroughly clean your gutters and downspouts, and we’ll complete your job in one detailed visit. The windy, wet weather here in Surrey can really take a toll on the exterior of your home, leaving your roof covered with leaves and twigs that often wind up in your gutters.

Over time, dirt and debris can erode the metal in your roof drainage system, leading to costly repairs to your gutters, your siding, and even your basement.

Why Use a Surrey Gutter Cleaning Service?

Having your gutters and downspouts regularly cleaned is one of the best ways to reduce repair costs related to your roof, drainage system, and your basement while protecting the value of your property.

Our gutter cleaning experts use specially designed methods to quickly and efficiently remove dirt and grime from the inside of all the gutters on your home to keep the water and snow melt flowing freely through your downspouts and away from your foundation.

The Benefits of a Clean Downspout

We can also take the time to carefully shine the outside of your gutters. Cleaning the exterior of your gutters helps beautify your home and extends the life of your drainage system. With regular gutter cleaning, you can save money on your home maintenance costs while keeping your home looking shiny and new.

Here at Shack Shine, we’re committed to delivering exceptional home detailing services using the latest in eco-friendly technology and cleaning techniques. Our Surrey gutter cleaning technicians take care to completely clear the dirt, leaves, and bird droppings from your gutters. We then collect all of the organic materials into a large canister for composting, while also conserving water.

Annual Maintenance Program

We understand that you’ve worked hard to own a home – that’s why it’s important to protect your investment with preventative maintenance throughout the year.

We recommend bi-annual gutter cleaning service for homeowners in Surrey – once it the spring, and again in the late fall. Our spring cleaning service removes all the wind-blown leaves and debris that can land in your gutters during the winter storm season, while our fall gutter cleaning ensures that your home drainage system is ready to handle the heavy rain and wet snow that comes during the winter months.

Ask our friendly home detailing agents about scheduling regular gutter cleaning services at your home – you don’t even need to be at home while we work. We simply ask that you close up all your windows to prevent any debris from getting inside.

As the premier provider of waterless gutter cleaning in Surrey, we promise to provide you with exceptional, professional gutter cleaning services completed in one comprehensive visit. From our clean, shiny vans to our friendly, fully insured and trained technicians, you’ll know you’ve made the right call with Shack Shine.

For more information about how our home detailing experts can help to protect and shine your home with our eco-friendly gutter cleaning services, call or email us today for your free, no-obligation quote. Shining your neighbourhood, one home at a time.