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We Are Shack Shine

How do your make your Oak Bay area home shine? The simple solution is to call the experts at Shack Shine and take advantage of our professional home detailing service. We understand the pride that goes with owning a home, and we know that Oak Bay homeowners want to own a house that shines. When we use our proven cleaning methods and state-of-the-art equipment, we get results that will exceed your expectations.

We are experts at cleaning gutters, power washing your home’s exterior, and cleaning the interior and exterior of your home’s windows. We will clean your front picture window so well that you will wonder how the sun got brighter. Our gutter cleaning service will make sure that the rainwater that runs off your roof is properly diverted away from your home where it cannot do any damage. We can clean any type of roof or siding material, and we do so with the efficiency of expert level professionals.

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Our Service Is Second To None

Our technicians are professionals who have years of experience and are well-trained. Our crew arrives to every job on time driving a clean and shiny truck. Our technicians wear clean and professional uniforms and start off every job with a smile and a handshake. Our jobs fit your schedule because we respect how important your time is. We do all of our work in one day, and we make sure that our equipment is out of your way while we are working.

We email you our comprehensive proposal well in advance of the job date so that you can review the work we will be doing and ask any questions. We carry all of the necessary liability insurance for your protection, and we keep our work area organized and safe. We let you know what we are doing at every step of the project so that you can stay clear of our equipment, and so that you can enjoy the results of our work when we make your house shine!

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Our Professional Services

Each technician on our crew is an expert at gutter cleaning, window washing, and power washing your home's exterior. Does your home have aluminum siding? That is not a problem because our experts are prepared to make that siding shine. Is your roof made from tile instead of asphalt shingles? Our technicians know how to power wash your tile until it glistens in the daytime sun. From complete gutter cleaning to efficient power washing of your siding and roof, we have all of the professional services you would expect from a premier house detailing organization.

We can also power wash the other surfaces around your home such as your walkways and driveway. Our goal is to use our expertise and professional equipment to make your house the shiniest home on the block. We also offer a year round service program that will keep us coming back at scheduled times to keep the shine on your house all year long.

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Trust Us With Your Exterior Home Maintenance

When you meet our professional crew and see our organized and shiny trucks, you will know that we are a company that takes our services very seriously. We arrange every aspect of the job for your convenience, and to deliver the best possible results.

We know that part of being a professional company is being reliable and accountable. We are there to answer your questions, and we are never late to any scheduled job.

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Time To Shine!

You can contact us today by phone or through our website to get your free quote. Our friendly associates will email you a detailed proposal that you can use as your guide for your project. Your year round maintenance program requires no work on your part as we are guaranteed to show up on time whenever we are scheduled. It is time for your house to be the envy of the neighborhood. It is time to call Shack Shine of Oak Bay and make your house shine!

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