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Building a Vancouver Love Mark

At Shack Shine, we are building a “Love Mark”. A “Love Mark” is a company whose values dovetail so eloquently with the values of their customers that said customers wouldn’t think of doing business elsewhere. Think Lululemon, Apple, Audi and Whole Foods.

Of course, building a “Love Mark” is not easy, but nothing worth doing is. Can a Vancouver window and gutter cleaning company build a “Love Mark”? No doubt!

At Shack Shine we care for, maintain and beautify our customer’s home. A home protects one’s family, provides comfort and represents the largest financial investment of one’s life. A service company like Shack Shine, provides the ultimate opportunity to build a “Love Mark”.

The true test of a “Love Mark” are customer testimonials. You are looking for customers who not only promote your brand but, also defend your brand. In no way are we perfect but, when we get testimonials like Graham’s, we know that we are on the right path:

Hire Shack Shine!

As a North Shore resident for over 15 years I have used many different companies for window washing and gutter cleaning services. Mostly the work was performed by a steady supply of poorly trained and equipped goons. One guy dropped his leaf blower off the roof and it crashed on our patio table, in the misguided hope that we hadn’t noticed he decided to try and climb over the fence to our deck and permanently bent it. Another team demonstrated an impressive use of profanity but a very limited vocabulary of swear words in front of my young daughter and her friend. I found yet another team having a bench press competition in our exercise room.

Shack Shine was the exact opposite. Their staff was professional, well trained and equipped with the latest equipment. For example, the technicians vacuum the leaves from the gutters instead of using a leaf blower and making a mess. The quality of the work was great and the management follow up was impressive; in fact the owner personally checked the work the first time I used Shack Shine. Now I have Shack Shine on a schedule for the work through out the year. You need to try this company.

Graham Brown

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