How our Pricing Works

How we price

Our team worked on more than 127,000 home detailings, so we know what it takes to get the job done. To provide you with an estimated price, we look at the style and size of homes in your area and the average length of time it takes to complete a service.

For certain services, we need a bit more detailed information about your specific home to give you a final price – things like the number and type of windows you have, or the size of your decks and driveway.

Once you book your appointment online, you’ll receive a call from your local Shack Shine team to gather this information and give you a final price.

One shack size doesn’t fit all
Sometimes we need to see your home to give you an estimate and final price – like if you live in a massive shack.

You don’t pay until the job is done
We won’t charge you until the service is complete and your home is shiny! We offer credit card payments onsite or we can email you a copy of your invoice.

Getting an estimate is easy

  1. Input your zip/postal code and shack size.
  2. Select the shiny services your home needs.
  3. View an estimated price and choose an appointment.
  4. Receive a call from your local Shack Shine to verify your appointment and price. 

The best part is when our team arrives in a shiny, organized van to make your home shine. No payment is required until the job is done!

Like Details? SO DO WE!

We take care of your home in one detailed visit. Learn more about our services below.

Power Washing
We price our power washing services based on standardized square footage of the surface area we are cleaning. It includes driveways, walkways, patios or decks, balconies, garage floors, sidewalks. We also do stairs and for that we quote based on each standard flight of stairs.
Exterior Window Washing
Our exterior window cleaning service utilizes our water purification system and water-fed poles to remove dirt and grime, leaving windows sparkling. This includes cleaning all exterior window panes, doors, and garage doors. Additionally, we offer Skylight Washing, Glass Railing, Solar, and Exterior Glass Awning Panels as add-on services priced by quantity. Exterior Sunroom Windows washing available standalone or combined with exterior window washing.
Interior Window Washing
Our interior window service includes cleaning all interior window panes, doors, and garage doors. Additionally, we offer Skylight Washing and Glass Railing Panels as add-on services priced by quantity. Interior Sunroom Windows washing available standalone or combined with interior window washing.
Gutter Cleaning
This service includes the removal of dirt, grime, algae, and moss from inside and out of your gutters. We’ll also remove branches and leaves to restore water flow. Stains and minor debris may remain on gutter interiors. Homes with gutter guards will have debris removed from the top of the guards only. Our House Washing services already include Exterior Gutter Clean, but not the Interior Gutter Clean.
House Washing
We’ll remove the dirt, dust, moss, and mildew that’s accumulated on the surface of your home, utilizing a gentle pressure washing method or a soft-washing method, depending on what your home requires. Cleaning of house siding, fascia, and exterior gutters are included in this service. Cleaning of the exterior windows is not included with this service.
Roof Washing
We’ll utilize a soft wash method to help remove algae, dirt, grime, moss and other organic material from your home’s roof. This service requires an on-site estimate to be completed. If your roof just needs some tidying up, check out our Roof Blowing service which removes loose leaves, branches, and sticks.
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