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Orange County’s Franchise Partner On Why He’s So Excited To Build His Business

Bj Purviss, Shack Shine, Orange County

Meet BJ Purvis. A former sales and marketing guy, he dreamed of owning his own business – and when he found Shack Shine, he found the perfect fit. He loved the branding, the start-up culture, the support from existing Franchise Partners, and the reassurance of proven systems. Fuelled by a desire to show his children that ‘anything is possible’, he’s 100% committed to making the houses of Orange County a little shinier! (They have a lot of windows). 

Hi, BJ – welcome to Shack Shine! What made you want to become a business owner?

I wanted to own my own destiny! I always knew I wanted to own my own business, but, and I know it sounds like a cliché, I didn’t want to be in business by myself – so I loved the franchise route. I looked at a whole lot of different franchise options, but Shack Shine was the one that stuck out. 

Why was that? Why Shack Shine? 

Originally I called about 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, and they told me that they have 3 other brands too. So I explored them, and I felt that Shack Shine was the place to be. I called around and was like, “man, there’s not one dominant market leader” – that was a big moment for me. The culture was huge in comparison to other franchises I looked at, too. It was almost like when you hear about Apple, and the Kodak days, y’know? I felt like all the other brands were going to get left behind. Shack Shine and O2E Brands, feels like the Apple of franchising – innovative, cutting-edge, with a brand culture that’s on the move and continuing to grow, not just resting on past success. It felt like the right fit, especially for Orange County. Shack Shine even sounds like a California brand! 

And how has the process been, from that first call to opening your franchise?

It’s been great. It’s super thorough – step by step by step – but as a first time business owner I really like that, because it takes all the guesswork out of it. They get right down to the nitty gritty – how you set up, costs of goods… every little detail is measured out. The training has been awesome too. We’ve actually done live jobs which has been really helpful, and speaking to other Franchise Partners in the system has been so cool, they’re so supportive. Even after we spoke ‘officially’, they were texting me that weekend like, “hey, if you need any more advice or have any questions, feel free to text me”, and I found that spoke a lot to the culture in general. It wasn’t like “oh, we’ll speak to you this one time and that’s it”, it was more like they were going through the process with you. 

What was your background prior to becoming a Shack Shine business owner? 

Pretty much sales and marketing, I’ve done a lot of that. I think my sales background will help with getting out there and building my business. As Mark Cuban always says, ‘sales cures all’ – so in the back of my mind I know that if I can get the sales, everything else will fall into place.  I think my marketing background is also why I was so drawn to Shack Shine initially – they clearly had such a good brand. I’m excited to move on to a new chapter, and build something of my own! 

On that note, what are you looking forward to most?

Again, probably just owning my own destiny. If you’re working a job you’re limited in how far you can go – owning your own thing in something that’s completely different. Shack Shine has this start-up culture, as I said, and it’s so exciting to think about how far this thing can go as a whole, and on a personal level how far I can take it. I would love to be around Orange County a few years from now and see trucks flying up and down the road, on the Pacific Coast Highway, as a standard part of the landscape. Like, “oh, there’s another Shack Shine truck!” That would be amazing. 

What would you say to someone who was considering buying a Shack Shine franchise?

I would say, do it! For sure. Their systems are hands down better than everybody else, especially for first time owners. They’ve had proven success, too, with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. I’m not sure who said it, but I like the phrase: “somebody can’t take you where they haven’t been”, and there’s a lot of franchise systems out there who haven’t been to the top level like O2E Brands have. When you’ve got someone who has already done it, you know that they can do it again with Shack Shine, so I’m excited about that. 

How are you involved in your community? 

I’m involved in my church pretty big – I coach life group leaders. I like helping the elderly too – I’ve volunteered with orgs that pair you up with older citizens to just chat with them and play games and give back that way. I’ve also done some beach clean ups, because I’m such a beach guy. I’m a huge surfer so any time I get to do that, I’m in the water. 

What are your main motivators in life and in business?

To show my kids that anything is possible, and that if there’s a dream they have to go after it – don’t be afraid, put one foot in front of the other and keep going. I want to show them what I can do, and I want to look back one day and see that I’ve created this thing that I, and they, can be proud of. 

Finally, tell us about your territory, Orange County – what makes it unique?

Well, we have a LOT of windows [laughs]. I think it’s the best place to live in America, personally. There’s so much to do, with surfing, snowboarding, vineyards… you can go to the mountains and the beach in the same day – it’s incredible. A huge thing for Orange County is also the pride of home ownership. People are really excited to live here, so they are really meticulous about their houses. Also there’s the time thing – there’s a lot of people that are successful, and they’re working hard all day and all night – so I think that Shack Shine will be a big hit. We can step in and free up their time, and help make their houses a little shinier! And yes, I watched the show – don’t tell anybody. 

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