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Growing Through Challenge; How the Estevez Family Came to Houston North West

The global pandemic caused many people and families to pivot all over the globe. For Jorge Estevez and his family, that pivot brought them into a new business, in a new country, with a new access to a life and lifestyle where their values of family, adventure, the great outdoors and teamwork define their every day – and their vision for their future. 

Hailing from Mexico City, where Jorge was previously a hotel manager, it had been years where the Estevez family had considered making some kind of move to make their love of an outdoor lifestyle—time in nature, bicycling as a family, and camping—a greater part of their day to day. The vastness of Mexico City made those activities slightly out of reach – and with a full-on schedule inside the hospitality industry, Jorge found himself wanting something more for the whole family. 

In 2020 when the global pandemic first started showing its ripple effects in every country, and into different industries, Jorge started thinking more intently about making a move to the USA; specifically to start a business. Being 45 at the time with two young kids and a very supportive wife, Belen, encouraging him to take the leap, Jorge sensed this was his chance to chase a dream of being an entrepreneur. Some time in research about where to start a business, contact with franchise experts and one big move later, the family landed in Texas – and launched their Houston North West franchise.

Among all the franchises the Estevez family explored, Shack Shine stood out as the business for them because of how much potential there was in learning and becoming masters of the services, and getting to pour their care into peoples’ homes. And, because they saw how they could cultivate the life and lifestyle they really wanted while running the business; where time outside and adventuring as a family was as much of a priority as growing a successful franchise.

All of that in mind, the transition into entrepreneurship—a new business, a new city, a new country—held ample challenges. Challenge, in their words, that has made them all stronger; where they have watched their hard work, focus and dedication turn into a real, thriving business that they live and breathe.

So – what’s the future of Shack Shine Houston North West? Growing bigger, continuing to get stronger as a team, and making their franchise the best detailing option for their community. That – and more time on their bikes, meals filled with good food and great people, and quality time with their loved ones. If that’s not living the entrepreneurship dream, we don’t know what is.

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