Window Cleaning

Windows are one of the most challenging parts of your home to clean. Getting a streak-free finish is no mean feat, and even the most determined of homeowners can find themselves giving up. Calling on the services of a professional exterior house cleaning service in Georgetown, Texas, can leave your windows as gleaming as the day they were first fit.

Gutter Cleaning

This is a job that nobody looks forward to. Cleaning out your gutters can be one of the most unpleasant domestic jobs you ever have to do – particularly if you don’t have a head for heights! Thankfully, Shack Shine has the equipment and the know how to ensure that you gutters are left immaculate.

House Washing

It’s likely that you won’t notice just how dirty your house has become until you have it professionally cleaned. It takes years for grime and dirt to build, and it does so so slowly that you won’t realise just how bad the exterior of your home needed to be cleaned. Our team has the equipment and experience necessary to make your house look the best on your street.

Roof Cleaning

An extreme build-up of dirt, moss, and other stuff could cause you major problems with the structural integrity of your roof. It’s risky getting up on the roof to give it a much-needed clean. Using professionals, like the team at Shack Shine, completely eliminates all risk. When you leave it to us and our wealth of experience we get the job done safely and professionally.

Pressure Washing

Depending on how your house has been painted, you may need to occasionally pressure wash the exterior to get rid of mildew and keep your house looking fresh. It’s best to leave this job to the professionals as if water is shot at your house at too high of a pressure, it may seep through into your attic and cause mold to build up. Here at Shack Shine, we know exactly how to clean a wide variety of houses, so there’s no risk of causing damage to the inside of your home.

Christmas Light Installation

It can be a challenge getting your Christmas lights up and down every year, especially if there’s snow or other adverse weather conditions. Choosing a professional company to help with house detailing such as this, can help to turn a headache of a holiday into a stress-free time to enjoy with family and friends.