Power Washing Austin

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Shack Shine Austin’s Professional Power Washing

Even if they’ve managed to accumulate a stubborn layer of dirt and grime the garden hose just can’t touch, a power washing expert can harness the power of smart, precision jets of water to remove what you don’t want while protecting what you do.

Benefits of Power Washing

Power washing doesn’t use chemicals that may be harmful to children, pets, or landscaping. Instead, it relies on specially pressurized water to dislodge sun-baked dirt and debris, peeling away moss, mold, mildew, and other buildups on your Austin home. Removing this buildup prevents the degradation of materials like wooden stairs, decks, and siding shingles, extending their useful lifespan. Even seemingly harmless buildup like mosses can discolor paint and siding: power washing helps your Austin home maintain its carefully-curated curb appeal.

Why Use a Power Washing Service?

Power washing is an extremely effective way to keep your home’s siding and exterior features clean and appealing, but it’s also extremely labor-intensive. Using a professional Austin power washing service allows you to enjoy your time off of work instead of carrying around heavy equipment and spending as much time cleaning debris off of yourself as you do your home. Our professional team shows up on time, in uniform, and ready to work while you relax – cleaning has never been easier!

Suitable Surfaces For Power Washing

Power washing can safely handle virtually any stone or brick surface with ease, making it an ideal solution for cleaning up sidewalks, walkways, and outdoor concrete structures. If your desired surfaces have any paint, stain, or potential dry rot, however, your professional power washer will be able to walk you through alternate cleaning methods that won’t leave damage behind.