Calgary Window Cleaning

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When it comes to window cleaning, Calgary homeowners can depend on Shack Shine for all of their dirty work!

We know our customers don’t always have the time to tackle these detailing tasks. And yet, we know just how important it is for them to have a clean, beautiful home. That’s why we work so hard to make sure you have access to the best service possible. Our skilled technicians are professional and efficient, and we even provide you with before and after photos to show you the work we’ve done. You don’t have to be home for us to tackle your windows – but make sure you close them before you leave!

With our super easy-to-use online booking tool and world-class customer service team, you don’t have to think twice when it comes to giving us a call for your window cleaning needs. Our uniformed, friendly technicians will arrive at your home in shiny, organised vans to get to work in no time.

Why Use a Window Cleaning & Washing Service?

In Calgary, window cleaning and washing services are the perfect solution for proper house detailing. You don’t want to spend your weekend scrubbing windows. But, you still appreciate that sparkle. When our professionals arrive, you can depend on us to provide outstanding service. Do we everything we can to ensure your windows are shining. Positively shining every time is our only goal!

The Type of Windows Our Technicians Clean

Here’s the really good news. When you trust Shack Shine for your window cleaning Calgary needs, you can depend on us to handle all types of windows. We do both indoor and outdoor windows – depending on your needs. We even wipe down the window sills for a beautiful sparkle. And, we will get those skylights and other out-of-the-way windows that are too hard to do on your own. We do it all. Making your home smile is our goal.

Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning

For our exterior window cleaning services, you can expect our team to use long, carbon fibre poles specially designed to scrub your windows clean properly. They are water fed, which means there’s no need for ladders in most cases. Inside, we take the time necessary to get the level of clean you need. We wear coverings on our feet to make sure you don’t have to worry about your carpeting. It’s happiness in every detail.

Window Cleaning Annual Maintenance Program

Let Shack Shine make it even easier for you. Enroll in our window cleaning annual maintenance program. For window cleaning, Calgary residents don’t even have to give us a call. We arrive, get the job done, and you never have to think about the work. You’ll always have sparkling clean windows you love looking out of every morning. We’re shining your neighbourhood, one home at a time. Sign up for our annual maintenance program to never have to think about windows again.