Etobicoke Window Cleaning Services

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When it comes to window cleaning Etobicoke residents do not always have a lot of time to spend scrubbing windows.

Who doesn’t love looking out their sparkling clean windows? When it comes to window cleaning Etobicoke residents do not always have a lot of time to spend scrubbing windows. That’s where the team at Shack Shine goes to work for them. We can handle even the dirtiest of windows, and we’ll do it with a smile. For those who are ready to improve their view, we encourage you to contact our team.

We make scheduling window cleaning and washing services in Etobicoke very easy to do. Use our simple online appointment system and world-class sales team to get your home on our list. When the time comes for us to visit, our friendly, uniformed technicians will arrive in shiny, organised trucks for one detailed visit. You do not even need to be home for us to go to work for you. Just be sure to close the windows before you leave!

Why Use a Window Cleaning & Washing Service?

You could spend your weekend with window cleaning as the main activity. You may not want to do that. Your home will love you for giving Shack Shine the ability to help you instead. You do not have to worry about ladders, messy chemicals, or making a mess of your carpeting. For those who need window cleaning Etobicoke residents do not have to think twice about calling Shack Shine. We do it all expertly. Shiny home, happy family!

The Type of Windows Our Technicians Clean

Shack Shine technicians use water-fed carbon fibre poles with a unique squeegee design to it. This allows our professionals to tackle even the hardest and most out-of-reach windows you have on your home. We do everything from the skylights to those hard to reach smaller paned windows at the top of your home. All you have to give is give us a list of what you need us to tackle, and we’ll go to work for you. We’re shining your neighbourhood one home at a time.

Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning

Shack Shine does both interior and exterior window cleaning. Outside, we’ll make sure to stay off the ladders and protect your landscaping. When we come inside to tackle the interior windows, we’ll slip covers over our shoes to ensure we never do any damage to your carpeting. We will move any furniture and place it back where we found it after we are done as well. We spend time wiping down the window frame and screen, too. Like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!

Annual Maintenance Program

Shack Shine wants you never to have to think twice about your window cleaning Etobicoke! With our annual maintenance program for window cleaning, we’ll just come to you. You do not have to call and schedule an appointment. Our team will shine your home and tackle any of the house detailing services you need without fail. Making your home smile is always our goal.