Oakville Eavestrough Cleaning Services

Shack Shine provides eavestrough cleaning for Oakville homeowners so you can relax

Our friendly¬†technicians provides eavestrough cleaning for homeowners in Oakville in one detailed visit, restoring proper flow to your gutters. We schedule all of our services for a specific time of day so you don’t waste your time waiting around for us to arrive during a random window of time.

Eavestrough Cleaning in Oakville, ON

Most homeowners use Shack Shine the first time, and use us again in the future, because our Oakville eavestrough cleaning services are simple and easy. Your life is full of commitments, and we can help out by cleaning the windows, gutters, and exterior of your home with less hassle than doing it yourself.

Best of all, if you can’t be home and need service faster, we can do all of our exterior cleaning services without your presence. We’ll show up on time, get the job done in that one detailed visit, and even provide you with before and after photos so you can see the new shine your home has courtesy of Shack Shine.

Let Us Clear Your Downspouts

Gutter cleaning is essential to home maintenance, keeping water flowing efficiently through your gutters and away from the foundation of your property. Our gutter vacuums prevent anyone from climbing ladders and hanging over the eaves of a home. We even wipe down the outsides of your gutters for a beautiful shine when we’re done.

Mother Nature can be harsh on your home, from leaves, dirt, and debris flying around during storms to tree sap slowing dripping down on the siding. With our power washing and exterior washing services, we can blast away the grime and debris from horizontal surfaces and restore the beauty of all exterior surfaces with low-pressure rinsing and hand-scrubbing.

Annual Maintenance Program

Shack Shine offers an annual maintenance plan as part of its services. If you really want to remove the hassle of cleaning your home’s exterior, our annual maintenance plan includes interior and exterior window cleaning, as well as house washing, surface cleaning, and gutter clearance. The program has up-front pricing, and you never have to request service. We track it all!

Get in Touch Today!

If you want your home professionally maintained and polished, give Shack Shine a call or use our online booking system to schedule your appointment today. Go ahead and contact us, your home will love you for it!