Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver, BC

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Gutter cleaning is one of the most important maintenance tasks for homes in Vancouver. As the weather changes, debris including leaves and sticks, accumulate in the gutters, creating a soft material that encourages the growth of mildew and moss. This gets thicker over time, making it impossible for water to flow properly. The result? Your gutters don’t drain, and your foundation is at risk.

Our friendly, uniformed technicians arrive in shiny, organized vans ready to go to work. In one detailed visit, we’ll get your gutters clear and moving water effortlessly. That’s the perfect way to protect your home’s foundation. Making your home smile means starting with those gutters.

Why Use a Vancouver Gutter Cleaning Service?

When it comes to proper gutter cleaning, Vancouver residents can expect Shack Shine to provide exceptional service. Sure, you could get out the ladder and climb on the roof. You could stick your hands into that mass of material and growing moss. And, then, you could deal with those clogged downspouts and near-impossible to wash out filter systems. Or, you don’t have to do it at all.

Shack Shine uses the newest technician to ensure the very best results. We use cleaning tools designed to be safe for your home and the gutters, but highly efficient. To do this, we use water-fed poles and filtration systems. We use gutter vacuums that pull out everything stuck in those gutters without having to climb a ladder. And, we leave your home positively shiny every time.

The Benefits of a Clean Downspout

Why does that pesky downspout matter anyway? When water cannot properly move down the gutter system, and away from your home, it comes up over the edge. It runs down the sides of the home to the foundation. There, it easily penetrates the deeper soil, and often gains entrance into the home. It also creates soil runoff, moving material away from the home and exposing more of the foundation.

This is a big risk to your home. It’s an unnecessary risk as well. Shack Shine’s gutter cleaning service is fast and efficient. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your home. Happy home, happy family.

Annual Maintenance Program

Shack Shine can make this process even easier for you with our annual maintenance program. It’s easy. Sign up for a customized service plan for your Vancouver home. You don’t have to call us to schedule an appointment. We’ll just show up reliably.

We’ll get the work done for you in one detailed visit. Our technicians will move any furnishings out of the way and move them back into place, to keep your property safe. Our annual maintenance programs include interior and exterior window cleaning, house and surface washing, and gutter cleaning in Vancouver.