Power Washing in Vancouver

Vancouver homeowners can trust in the hands of our skilled technicians to power wash their homes!

Our friendly, smiling technicians will arrive at your home and provide you with insight into the best way to scrub away the grime and debris. Power washing is one of the most important investments you can make in the upkeep of your home.

Our comprehensive Vancouver power washing service safely removes the grime from most any horizontal surface around the exterior of your home. We don’t use harmful chemicals, but we do use a highly effective method for pulling off years of dirt.

Power Washing Brick Houses & Vinyl Siding

The exterior of your home needs routine maintenance, but often doesn’t get the attention it needs to truly look its best. Shining home, smiling family. It’s what we believe. That’s why we recommend annual power washing for brick exteriors and vinyl siding.

Power washing your vinyl siding creates a like-new look. It can even save you from the hassle of having to paint your siding. It removes stains from brick in a flash remove debris and grime while protecting the actual surface.

We use high pressure that’s safe enough for these surfaces. There are no chemicals to damage or stain the siding or discolor the brick. Positively shiny every time.

Power Washing Concrete & Driveways

Your home will love you after we power wash the concrete sidewalks, pathways, and driveway. Let us get into the garage concrete floors, too. The wear and tear from the seasons changing leaves stained and discolored concrete. Add to that oil spills and tire streaks and you have a real mess.

Our concrete and driveway power washing service in Vancouver pulls it all off safely. Preserve the life of your concrete with our annual power washing Vancouver! You’ll look forward to the like-new look of your driveway. This is also a fantastic way to create a solid first impression if you’re selling your home.

Power Washing Deck & Patio Furniture

Making your home smile, is our job. Restore the look and function of your deck and patio furniture every spring with power washing. In Vancouver, power washing away the dirt of winter is critical to ensuring your space is usable again. It can remove stains from most types of decking material safely, without any damage to the wood or other products. We don’t use chemicals that could damage your landscaping!

Save yourself some time and avoid having to repaint your deck or replace your patio furniture. Our power washing service strips away years of debris and ground in debris to refresh your deck and restore it. This will be a space you love spending time in again.

Vancouver power washing these surfaces is essential for ensuring your deck lasts for years to come – and looks fabulous the whole time. It’s a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Let Shack Shine get to work for your decking, steps, and all types of outdoor furniture today.