Window Cleaning in Vancouver, BC

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Vancouver homeowners can trust in the hands of our skilled technicians to power wash their homes!

There’s nothing quite like a clear view through a sparkling window! At Shack Shine, making your home smile is always our goal. Interior and exterior window cleaning is finally made easy. For window cleaning, Vancouver residents can really count on for superb results, trust only the experienced technicians at Shack Shine.

In Vancouver, window cleaning becomes a must throughout the spring and fall months as the harsh weather creates water spots. Dirty windows aren’t going to make anyone happy. Instead, let’s talk about our one-time cleaning and worry-free experience at Shack Shine.

Why Use a Vancouver Window Cleaning Service?

You will not see our technicians rushing the job. Rather, we wash every window by hand. We use a hand-held applicator and squeegee to scrub your window panes clean. To rinse then, we use a carbon fiber, water-fed pole with a specially designed squeegee and filtered water. For window washing Vancouver properties with high windows or pesky, hard to reach areas, our technicians use equipment that’s flexible enough to get every pane.

You don’t need to prep for our arrival. We’ll move the furniture and anything necessary when we arrive and replace it after we’re done. Our job is to minimize any disturbance in your home. We’re in and out as quickly as possible. You’re busy, and we’re ready to help. You don’t even need to be home! Just don’t forget to close your windows before you leave for the day!

Type of Windows Our Technicians Clean

Shack Shine offers interior and exterior window cleaning in Vancouver. This includes nearly all types of windows on all floors of the home. Our exterior window cleaning service does not require your presence. We’ll move around the exterior of your room scrubbing panes and rinsing them. We don’t use harsh chemicals that could damage your flowers or landscaping. Happiness in every detail.

Our interior window cleaning service is also available in Vancouver. We’ll shine each one of your windows from bedroom to kitchen to ensure a sparkling view from every room. A home so bright, you gotta wear shades! Expect our pros to minimize any disturbance in your home. We’re fast and offer one detailed cleaning to ensure it’s done right the first time.

Annual Maintenance Program

Windows get dirty every so often. Wouldn’t it be nice not to think twice about having to clean them – every again! You want peace of mind and Shack Shine gives it to you with our annual maintenance program for Vancouver window washing.

Sign up for the program and we’ll take care of your exterior maintenance needs for you. Our maintenance program includes interior and exterior window cleaning house and surface washing, and gutter cleaning. Your home will love you. You’ll receive up-front pricing that’s designed specifically for your home’s needs. Shack Shine is shining your neighborhood, one home at a time.