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Shack Shine is Growing!

We are very excited to announce that three new Franchise Partners have joined Shack Shine!

Shack Shine – Twin Cities

Shack Shine is international!

Ben Cowan is our first US Franchise Partner. Ben is well known to all at O2E Brands through his highly successful 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and You Move Me franchises in Twin Cities, Minnesota. Ben’s burgeoning empire includes businesses outside of the O2E network as well.

Ben has built a fantastic centralized team to operate his various brands and leverages the latest technology to scale his businesses. I have no doubt that Ben and his team will dominate the Twin City House Detailing market in short order.

Shack Shine – Kelowna

Daniel Vrskovy was introduced to Shack Shine through Mark Webb, our North Shore General Manager (great people know great people). Dan is a true entryprenuer and very excited to begin this new chapter. Kelowna is an exciting opportunity, with high fragmentation and strong demographics. Dan is very connected in Kelowna and he is excited to leverage the large vacation home market. Things are looking “Shiny” in Kelowna!

Shack Shine – Richmond/Delta/South Surrey

Kit Hulbert is a College Pro Painters alumni/record holder who was introduced to Shack Shine through our first Franchise Partner, Brad Samuels (yet another example of great people knowing great people).

Kit understands franchising intimately and has experience on both sides of the desk. He’s put together an aggressive plan to scale quickly and I have no doubt that he will execute.

Our first ten partners will forever be known as our Founding Franchise Partners (five more to go). A few years down the road the Founders will gather together at a kick ass location to celebrate success, the entrepreneurial journey and the building of a globally admired brand!

We have come a long way in the eight months since joining O2E Brands. We are very excited for our future and grateful for everyone involved. Here’s to our future and a great 2016!

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