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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Home Detailing Company to Clean Your Gutters This Fall

Everyone knows that gutter cleaning is not rocket science. If you own a ladder, a scoop, you have a few hours to spare and you don’t mind the mess, you can clean your gutters. So why hire a professional? Here are three compelling reasons:

Safety: cleaning gutters is dangerous work. The chore requires working at heights from a ladder and more often than not, the job entails accessing steep pitches and slippery roofs. A professional House Detailing firm uses safety equipment like ladder levelers, standoffs and harness/lanyard systems to deal with dangerous roof access. Avoid the risk of injury and leave the job to a professional.

Time: Like the crocodile who swallowed the clock in Peter Pan, time chases us all and eventually runs out. Why spend your precious time cleaning gutters? Let the professionals deal with the hassle and mess so that you can enjoy your weekend.

Peace of Mind: Flooding caused by overflowing gutters is one of the top causes for home insurance claims in Canada. A top notch House Detailing company will use tools like industrial gutter vacuums and cameras to give you peace of mind that the job is done right. Thereby, ensuring that your gutter system operates effectively throughout the rainy season.

Bonus reason: Have you experienced what gutter debris looks and smells like? Gross!

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