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Xmas Lights Installation: Helpful How-Tos from Our Industry Experts

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to put up your Xmas lights! Every year, people across the country step out of their houses eager to deck the halls with a gorgeous Xmas light display before realizing what a massive undertaking installing Xmas lights can actually be.

When you book an appointment for our Xmas lights installation service, we make your home the shiniest on the block without you having to lift a finger! There are plenty of advantages to booking our professional Xmas lights installation service, but our expertise easily ranks at the top. We wanted to share a few tips from our experts to help make sure your Christmas display is all it can be!

Keep the Cords in Mind!

Our commercial-grade Xmas light bulbs truly capture the spirit of Christmas! The cords on the other hand? Decidedly less so. When planning a light display, you will want to create a concrete plan beforehand to display as little of the cables as possible. When our friendly, uniformed technicians arrive to create a stunning display, we will already have a plan in place to ensure that your display is all Christmas, less cord!

Test the Bulbs

Fixing a bad bulb is far easier on the ground than when they are suspended on your home! That is why our friendly, uniformed technicians test all of your bulbs before they start hanging the lights to ensure that your bulbs are all at their brightest.

Plan for Power

If you’ve spent an entire afternoon creating your gorgeous display, there is nothing more disheartening than not being able to connect to a power source. When installing Xmas lights, it is crucial to have a plan for where your lights are going to connect to a power source before committing to a design. Our Xmas light installation experts always plan ahead for where the lights are going to connect into your home and how to hide the extension so that it is as out of sight as possible.

Our Xmas Lights Installation Service: Your Home Will Love You

Want the light display you’ve always dreamed of? Be sure to contact us and book an appointment for our Xmas lights installation service! Our friendly, uniformed technicians put happiness into every detail of your light display to make your home the shiniest it has ever been. We never get tired of seeing a customer’s face upon revealing their professionally lit home for the first time! 

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