Coquitlam Power Washing Services

Is your home as shiny and beautiful as you’d like it to be?

We know you love living here in Coquitlam, and you’re proud of your home. At Shack Shine, we love being in this neighbourhood, too, and we want to make your home smile. Our power washing services are just one way we can help shine up your neighbourhood, one house at a time.

We’re also able to wash the entire exterior of your house, removing the stains and dirt that keep it from looking its best as well as any mildew that can cause real damage over time.

Why Use a Power Washing Service?

Pressure washing is good for your driveways and patios, too. It keeps surfaces from deteriorating over time and removes debris that looks unpleasant and can pose a tripping hazard. Our crews go out of their way to protect your landscaping and patio furniture, moving everything that’s movable out of the way before they start. They can even come and work on the outside of your home when you’re not even there, minimizing the hassle in your life and making it as easy as possible to make your home shine.

Our happy teams always show up in uniform and in sparkling clean trucks, and they come equipped with all the equipment needed to get the results you expect and deserve. But we know when to do things the tried-and-true way as well, scrubbing your home by hand to get that certain sparkle.

We detail your home just the way you’d have your car detailed, and we pay attention to the little things. We always use filtered water because we don’t want to deposit chemicals on your landscaping or anywhere else on your property. And we use biodegradable cleaning solutions. After all, we live right here in Coquitlam just like you do, and we want to protect the local environment.

Making your house positively shiny doesn’t have to stop at pressure washing your patios and power washing the exterior of your home, of course. Give us a call at Shack Shine when you want to polish up those windows.

Annual Maintenance Program

We offer an annual maintenance program to help you keep your Coquitlam home looking beautiful round the year.

Imagine coming home and realizing —oh, look at that!— your driveway and walkways are clean, your windows are sparkling, your gutters are cleared… and you didn’t have to lift a finger, all because you made arrangements ahead of time.

At Shack Shine, we know how busy you are. That’s why we show up when we promise to show up, and we provide you with utterly transparent financing, so you agree ahead of time what you’re going to pay, and that’s what you actually pay. We’re professional, we’re fast, and we always have a smile on our faces. Our goal? To leave you happy and give you a home so bright, you gotta wear shades. What’s not to love? A shining home means a smiling family, so give Shack Shine a call today to get your free, no-obligation quote.