Coquitlam Window Cleaning Services

Our teams show up ready to do a spectacular job on your windows, both from the inside and from the outside!

At Shack Shine, we detail your home just as you might have you car detailed. No detail is too small for us to manage, and we’re fast and professional at every step of the way as we help your home to shine. You can count on us to show up on time, do the work you want with a smile on our faces, and leave you happy with how stunning your home looks.

Not only that, but think how wonderful it would be to look outside your windows and see a crystal-clear view. Having clear windows can change your whole outlook on the world.

We wash windows by hand to protect your property and make sure we cover every inch and get into every corner.
We have all the equipment needed to reach those awkward windows that are high up, blocked by architectural elements or tucked in corners. We use a carbon-fiber, water-fed pole to reach those windows, as well as specially designed squeegees to make sure we do the job right.

At Shack Shine, we use filtered water for all our cleaning, so you know we’re not depositing chemicals that could damage your property in any way. Each window is cleaned with a squeegee and an applicator. And we clean your entire exterior without bothering you — all we ask is that you close your windows before we get started.

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning Service

We take care of your interior windows as well, where our thorough cleaning removes dust and allergens that can affect the quality of your indoor air. At Shack Shine, we use only biodegradable window cleaning solution, because we care about the environment as much as you do, and we choose solutions that produce a sparkling shine.

We wash interior windows all by hand as well with an applicator and squeegee. We wipe down all interior frames to remove dust and make sure everything looks clean, as well as wiping down interior screens. Our window cleaning techs also keep the cleanliness of the rest of your home in mind as we work, wearing boot covers to make sure we don’t track any dirt over your good carpets and floors. And yes, we’ll clean your interior skylights and solarium panels.

Our window cleaning services are world-class, but that’s not all we do at Shack Shine. Check us out if you need your gutters cleaned to keep rain flowing away from your home safely, or if you want driveways or patios pressure washed. We can even power wash your entire home to leave it looking shiny and new.

Our real job? Providing you with peace of mind knowing that you’re taking good care of your most important asset: your home. We make it as easy as possible, easier than you could imagine, because we know just how busy you are. We don’t leave you hanging in a four-hour or eight-hour window waiting for your crew to arrive. Nope. We show up when you want us, at a specific time, and we show up on time. If we’re just cleaning the exterior of your home, you don’t even have to be there!

Annual Maintenance Program

You can even make arrangements months in advance for us. Our annual maintenance program lets us take care of your home on a regular schedule, with upfront pricing that comes with no add-ons and no surprises. Sign up for window cleaning, house washing and gutter cleaning, knowing that your home will always look stunning.

You love your home, so show the world that you mean it by keeping your home sparkling clean and fresh with a little help from Shack Shine. Make an appointment for a free, no-obligation estimate today.