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Starting Your Own Shack Shine Franchise: Our Process

Your entrepreneurial story starts now. But what does the path ahead look like? We’ve broken down the journey to franchise ownership step-by-step, so that you know exactly what to expect. Stage 1: Introduction (Duration: 1 week) It all starts with a phone call. This is an informal chat between you and one of our Franchise Development…

The 4 Things All Successful Franchise Owners Have In Common

‘How much money will I make?’, is one of the first questions most people ask when they start looking into buying a franchise. The answer? How successful you are as a franchise owner really depends on you.  Yes, the franchise model, back-end support, systems and operations are all important – but while these elements set…

‘As First-time Business Owners, We Wanted A Brand That Would Support Us’: Meet The Couple Who Drove 30 Hours To Launch Their Franchise

Justin and Kennady both had dreams of owning a business. But it was meeting each other that really lit their entrepreneurial fire, and after a 30 hour drive (!) they’re on the road to success, living and working in Pinellas County, FL, as the proud owners of a Shack Shine Franchise. So, Justin and Kennady…

QUIZ: What Type Of Business Owner Are You?

You’ve thought about starting your own business. You’ve looked into buying a home services franchise. You know that you have what it takes to be a leader, and that you want the freedom to call your own shots, make your own money, and take control of your own life. What you might not know is what type…

‘It Feels Like The Apple Of Franchising’: Orange County’s Franchise Partner On Why He’s So Excited To Build His Business

Meet BJ Purvis. A former sales and marketing guy, he dreamed of owning his own business – and when he found Shack Shine, he found the perfect fit. He loved the branding, the start-up culture, the support from existing Franchise Partners, and the reassurance of proven systems. Fuelled by a desire to show his children…