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  1. 3 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Rain Gutters Regularly

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    Gutter Cleaning

    We have two questions for you today:

    • Question #1: Have you taken your cozy sweaters out of your clothing storage yet? 
    • Question #2: When was the last time your home had a thorough rain gutter cleaning?

    Ok, ok, these questions may not be related to each other, but if you think about it, they kind of are. 🙂 

    Fall and winter bring so many cozy, heart-warming experiences for you and your home. Think pumpkin spice lattes or Christmas lights, or both!

    Back to your gutters – if you can’t remember when you last had them cleaned or have noticed a waterfall forming by the side of your home, it might be time to get them done again! 

    Gutters may not be the first item on your mind when it comes to making your home happy, but they play an important role in keeping your home smiling and safe. Here are the three most important reasons why you should have your gutters regularly cleaned.

    #1) Prevent Water Damage to Your Home Leaking Gutter

    When clear, a gutter can safely catch, carry, and dispose of rain. However, if the gutter is blocked by debris, the water is no longer able to be safely carried away and begins to overflow. As the water pools over the sides of the gutter, it creates one of those waterfalls you may have seen around your house. The real issue comes from the side of the gutter that is facing your home. The water from the gutters can pool onto your roof and cause expensive internal and external damage to your home.

    If you have noticed any waterfalls forming around your home during rainy days, be sure to give our friendly gutter cleaning technicians a call!

    #2) Protect Your Roof and Gutters

    As you can imagine, a gutter full of debris and water build-up can be quite a bit heavier than the steady flow a gutter is intended for. Too much extra weight can actually damage your gutters and cause them to sag.

    Not only can having clogged gutters damage the gutters themselves, but it can also damage your roof. Continuous exposure to overflowing water can rot away shingles and lead to leaks and mold.

    #3) Discourage Pests

    Did you know clogged gutters make great homes for all sorts of critters? Yikes! 

    Rodents in particular love to build nests in clogged gutters. Once a critter sets up shop in your gutter, you can be sure it will be on the lookout for snacks around (or inside!) your home.

    Not a fan of furry freeloaders? Regular gutter cleaning is a great way to discourage any unwanted house guests from calling your gutters their home.

    Gutter Cleaning With Shack Shine: Your Home Will <3 You

    Regular rain gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home that can often get lost in the shuffle of hectic schedules and busy weekends. And that’s okay!

    At Shack Shine, we make it easy and convenient to keep your home safe and shiny. Our rain gutter cleaning services ensure that your home is ready for the changing seasons by clearing your gutters of whatever the weather may bring. For a free estimate for professional gutter cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, uniformed technicians today!

  2. This Franchise Partner is Starting His “Second Act”

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    Florida East Shack Shine Franchise Owner Alex Blackwell

    Shack Shine Franchise Partner Alex Blackwell talks relocating to Florida to start his new business, building a legacy he can pass on to his kids, and the benefits of being part of a franchising system: ‘it’s freedom within a framework’.

    Read his interview below.

    What made you want to own your own business… why now?

    I retired from a 33 year career in printing, and I’ve always wanted to own my own business, it was now or never. I’m probably older than the typical franchise partner coming in, but I see that as an advantage – because I can leverage my previous career and use that experience to build a profitable Shack Shine business. So really, the answer is now or never!

    And you’re moving from Kansas City to Florida East to start your business?

    Yes, my wife and I bought a home in Florida seven years ago, and we’ve always wanted to live there full time, but we were on the career track, raising kids – it just wasn’t possible. Now we’re at a point in our lives where 3 of our 4 children live on the east coast, with 3 grandchildren, so we want to be closer to them. I call this my second act in life. My first act was the 33 year career in printing in Kansas City, and now this is my second act in Florida as a business owner – and being more present as a grandparent.

    Why Shack Shine?

    Well, I wanted to invest in a business in home services. My wife and I love to work on homes. So home services was the market segment I wanted to invest in. And Shack Shine is a great fit with Florida, because the climate in Florida lends itself to year round service. It was a very modest investment too, so that was a factor, but I think the real ‘deal sealer’ was the culture at O2E Brands. It exceeded my expectations. Just the… honestly, it was just the quality of the people – how much they truly cared about my success, it just blew me away.

    And why franchising?

    Again, my dream was always to own my business. In one of Brian Scudamore’s Founders Stories podcast episodes, one of the franchise partners said: ‘it’s freedom within a framework’, and that sums it up for me really. I can finally own my own business, but I have the support and the framework of many successful people behind me. So that’s why a franchise.

    What are you looking forward to most about your new business, would you say?

    Just the ability to create something from scratch, and watching it grow into something valuable for my family, my community, and the employees that I hire – the team that I build.

    What’s motivating you, what’s the big goal?

    Well, as I said I’m a bit older, so ultimately I want to create a legacy – I want to sell my business to one of my children, be a part-time business owner, and then fully retired, sitting on the beach. But I still have plenty of gas in the tank before that happens!

    And finally, how are you involved in your community, what are your interests outside of work?

    We’re just moving into this community full time, so task one will be to continue to meet people and make friends, and learn about all the fun things that area has to offer. Before now we only spent a couple of weeks a year there, but now we get to live there, so getting involved in the community will be a big priority. As I mentioned before, me and my wife both love working on homes too, so we’re going to spend some time renovating the house. And spending time with our grandkids of course!

    Thanks Alex, and congratulations on your new business!

    Are you interested in learning more about our franchise opportunities? Get in touch!

  3. Shack Shine Expanding to Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Land O’ Lakes

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    Shack Shine Tampa

    Shack Shine Tampa has expanded into Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Land O’ Lakes where they’ll offer a variety of house detailing services. Shack Shine’s Tampa location was the first to launch in Florida and is quickly expanding north to service Tampa’s more suburban neighbors.

    Shack Shine offers window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and Christmas light installation services.

    “It’s a great opportunity to professionalize an industry that hasn’t had the best reputation. We’re excited to bring a trusted brand to more doorsteps” said Zach Tyler, the Franchise Partner of Shack Shine’s Tampa location.

    “Customers can now get all of their exterior house cleaning needs out of the way in one detailed visit. No more coordinating with multiple service providers. We differentiate ourselves not only through our bundle of services but through professionalism that’s rarely seen within the industry.”

    Shack Shine operates Monday through Saturday and is now available to the residents of Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Land O’ Lakes. Early plans are to continue servicing the area lead by Zach Tyler and his experienced team of Lead Technicians and Technicians.

    Looking to start your own fast-growing franchise company? Find out more about our franchise opportunities here.

  4. Why A House Detailing Business Was A ‘No Brainer’ For This Franchise Partner

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    Yvonne de Boer, Shack Shine Franchise Partner in London, Ontario

    After 15 years of running a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise with her husband, Yvonne de Boer is going it alone… but keeping it in the O2E Brands family, of course. Here, she explains why owning a Shack Shine Franchise was a ‘no brainer’, what motivates her to build a business at the age of 50, and what makes her territory unique (hint: it’s not Justin Bieber).

    So Yvonne – what made you want to own a business?

    Well, we actually already own a business, my husband and I. He owns a 1-800-GOT-JUNK franchise. So I’ve been familiar with that brand and the people behind it, the same people behind Shack Shine, for 15 years. Originally we weren’t going to buy another business until our kids were completely out of the house, but they were like, “What are you nuts? We want to be involved!”. We’ve got a 21-year-old, 19-year-old, and a 16-year-old, and they’re all involved in our junk business – they work on the trucks! 

    So will join your Shack Shine team, too?

    Well, two of them probably. One of them is looking to move on to different areas – I mean they have their own lives too, right? But my 16-year-old has already started helping me field market.

    That’s amazing. So what was it that appealed about Shack Shine as opposed to any other business?

    My husband kind of came up with the idea, actually. We always thought that I would take over more of the junk business and he would start something else. But then he was talking to somebody who was already involved in Shack Shine and it got him curious – so he came and told me about it, and we discussed it, and I said, “yeah, that doesn’t scare me at all, it sounds really cool.” I’m a homeowner, so I really saw the value in a business that unites these services together. I knew that I could sell it myself because I believe in it myself. Also, O2E Brands has been really good to us, through our experience with 1-800-GOT-JUNK, so it was kind of a no brainer to invest in another of their franchises. 

    What would you say is your main motivator in life and in business?

    Oh, my family. My kids are incredible, my husband’s incredible, and I do this for them. But also for myself, you know, because I can do this – there’s a sense of pride in building something yourself… which can happen at the age of 50, believe it or not! 

    What advice would you give to anyone looking at franchise options?

    Go for it. Because you have systems in place for you that are already tried and tested, and you own a business, but a business in which you are supported. I only have experience with O2E brands, but I’ve heard that compared to a lot of other franchises, they’re just incredible – they really want to see you succeed. I think Brian Scudamore especially really does care about all of the Franchise Partners – and that’s pretty unique and pretty special in a franchise system.

    What would you say makes your territory, London, Ontario, unique?

    I love the fact that it’s probably the largest small town in Ontario. It’s huge, there’s a lot of people in it, but it still has a small town feel to it. We’re far enough away from Toronto that we’re not 24/7, we’re not go, go, go. The city kind of shuts down a little bit on Saturday afternoon and Sunday is a little quieter again. But the people are what make it, for sure.

    And it spawned Justin Bieber.

    Yeah, that’s kind of cool too, I guess. [laughs]

    What are your passions outside of work? 

    Oh boy, I love traveling. That’s probably a big one right now. You probably hear that from a lot of people, right? I’m doing a little bit in the community through a church that we’re a part of, too, and we really enjoy that. We’re also involved in things like the Santa Claus parade, a lot of different little community things.

    Find out more about our franchise opportunities here.

  5. The Business Partners Who Hired Shack Shine… Then Became Franchise Owners Themselves

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    Shack Shine Franchise Partners

    Looking for a new opportunity after 12 years of a family-run operation, these business partners discovered the innovative category of ‘house detailing’ – and they haven’t looked back. Meet Ed Summers and Idania Obarrio, Shack Shine Franchise Partners in Pinellas County South, Florida.

    What made you want to own a business?

    E: Well, I’ve been a business owner for the past 12 years, but we were looking for a new opportunity. 

    I: We decided that we needed a change, because the industry was changing. So we started looking into franchises. One day Ed was driving around his neighbourhood, and he saw a Shack Shine sign, so he googled it. We saw that they were looking for franchises, and that’s where it started. 

    E: Yeah I saw that Shack Shine van in my neighbourhood, and I was just really impressed, thought to myself, ‘wow that looks like a pretty good operation’. So we started doing some research, we talked to Zach – who is the Franchise Partner in the territory where I live – and then I hired him to do my house. He did an awesome job, really great – and that was the moment that it really started rolling, when we decided Shack Shine was the opportunity for us. 

    What are you looking forward to most about owning a Shack Shine franchise?

    E: The satisfaction of us having our own business, and being able to hire. Everything.

    I: I think also, having people that you can call and ask questions – having that support network. That’s a great thing. It’s not like they just sell you a franchise, they want to support you and make sure that you fit with them, and that you are happy. They want you to succeed.

    What is it about franchising that appealed to you?

    E: Franchising is new to us, because our other business was a family-run business – we did restoration on homes that had been damaged by fire, water, or mould. So still home services, but not a very pleasant atmosphere. Shack Shine is all about making somebody’s house look nice, whereas before we were going in and tearing a house up. This is a lot more fulfilling – it’s the good side! But yeah, franchising appealed because of the structure part. Running the other type of business, we didn’t have the structure and the help that Shack Shine gives us.

    I: It’s also nice that in the Tampa Bay area there’s now going to be 3 Shack Shine franchises, so the exposure is going to be like ‘oh my god, this must be a huge company’. We all have dinner together, and we’re planning to meet once a month or once a quarter to brainstorm. I’m really looking forward to that. 

    How do you think owning a Shack Shine franchise will change your lives?

    I: I’m hoping to hire the right people and get it going, make it a success over the next few years so that we can retire early. That’s my goal. 

    E: Yeah, I have two teenage boys, so you know as they get older, I would love to turn it over to them, once we get the business going. I want to build that legacy.

    What are you passions outside of work?

    E: Football games, hockey games.

    I: We have season tickets to the Buccaneers and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

    E: Yeah we do a lot of that. And then fishing and skiing in the winter. Anything outdoors!

    I: I’m also a big fan of trivia. I love Jeopardy, I record Jeopardy just to watch it!

    What would you say are your main motivators in life and in business?

    E: Obviously family, But I also like having control of my own schedule. That’s a big part of why we’ve always wanted to own our businesses, to have that control. 

     I: We’re going to be super busy at the beginning, as we start and grow our Shack Shine business, but as it builds, and we get the right people in place, it’s definitely going to give us more time. I love to travel. So that’s the motivation for me, you know? Being able to take that time off. 

    What makes your territory unique?

    E: Our territory is more of an island!

    I: A lot of islands.

    E: A lot of islands – it’s very different, lots of palm trees, lots of beaches… and we have a lot of driveways!

    I: A lot of very large driveways!

    E: But it’s a unique situation in Florida because we’re all close to the water, so whenever the wind blows, the salt’s blowing in and it’s getting on the windows – so we’re hoping to have business all year round, and a lot of repeat customers. The seasons won’t affect us either because we can keep working all year round, we don’t get snow. 

    I: And a lot of people have their holiday parties outside, so they want lights, patios cleaned, everything in winter. 

    Want to learn more about Shack Shine Franchise opportunities? Contact us to find out if you’re a suitable candidate today. 

  6. Should I franchise or start a business from scratch?

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    Image Credit: William Iven

    If you’re ready to take control of your own future and make the dream of owning a painting business reality, you’re probably wondering which is easier — starting from scratch or franchising. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both, looking at costs, resources and time commitments.




    Choosing a franchise business means that a lot of the legwork has been done for you, so that you can hit the ground running and be operational fast. From the very first step you’ll be supported, with access to resources to investigate your market and understand the competitive landscape of the home services industry in your territory.


    There are always costs associated with starting your own business. Franchise ownership requires an initial investment, then regular franchise fees. With this comes an entire team of people and processes to support you on your road to success. As a franchise partner you’re a member of a family – and you’ll never feel alone because you have a network to fall back on.


    Franchising eliminates the guesswork that is an inevitable part of start-ups, with a proven operations and management system already established. Shack Shine Franchise Partners have everything they need to launch their business — ongoing support throughout their entrepreneurial adventure. This includes training on day-to-day operations, resources to recruit and train employees, and access to a centralised sales centre, which allows you to focus on growing your business, rather than getting bogged down in time-consuming admin and setting up appointments.


    Unlike starting a business from scratch, becoming a franchise owner means that you are a valued part of a trusted, recognized brand, backed by a centralised Marketing and PR team on both a local and a national level. Owning a franchise is essentially being handed the keys to a fully branded business, ready for your hard work and ambition to create your success story.

    Time Commitment

    One reason people decide to start their own business is that they want greater flexibility and the freedom to set their own schedule, so that they can spend more time with family. Franchising offers this, and offers it faster: thanks to the support and established systems that allow you to be operational and booking jobs in just a couple of months. Shack Shine’s centralised call centre also helps, because you can enjoy family time secure in the knowledge that your jobs are being booked, even as you play with your kids. Work hard, play hard has never been more true!




    The first step of building your business from the ground up is research, research, research. You’ll need to investigate the current market to determine demand, what kind of services your competition offer, how you will reach potential clients, and more. This will help you put together a strategic business roadmap, laying out what kind of business you want to start, sales territory, and the level of investment capital required. This roadmap should also take into account vendors, lead generation opportunities (i.e. marketing) and define critical business roles.


    You’ll need more than just supplies when it comes to initial investment. Also on your list should be software (for CRM, payroll etc.), office supplies, and branded assets such as vehicle logos, uniforms, lawn signs and business cards. Additionally, you should account for potential legal costs associated with setting up your company – you’ll need a business license, liability insurance, an employer identification number and taxpayer identification number, for starters.


    It takes time and effort to set up the operations and management side of any business, and there’s always going to be a period of ‘trial and error’, so it’s good to be prepared. From systems and technology, to recruitment and the customer journey, you need to have all bases covered. For example, finding reliable employees can be a challenge, and there are several things you need to think about when hiring. Ideally you should develop a recruitment handbook, create a company vision, and construct adequate training procedures that won’t disrupt daily workflow.


    When starting a business from scratch, you need to think hard about branding and marketing. What will make your business stand out? How will you generate leads, and establish a customer base? How will you book jobs and handle customer service? Branding is just one part of your overall marketing strategy – to generate awareness and business you need to think about ad buy, social media, seasonal campaigns and more. In fact, managing your marketing and reputation can be a full time job in itself.

    Time Commitment

    It’s important to go into business ownership with your eyes wide open, and with the knowledge that it can be a very slow process to get things moving or start seeing revenue turn into profit. You’re building something from the ground up – that takes time and effort. Recruiting takes time. Brand recognition and building a customer base takes time. Establishing a working system of processes takes time. Staying realistic and managing expectations is key.



    Contact us – we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Shack Shine offers franchises across Canada and the United States, with the scale, brand, and critical support to help you build your business fast, so that you can start making money as soon as possible.

  7. 9 Signs You’re Ready To Start Your Own Business

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    If you’re among the almost half of U.S. workers and 75 percent of Canadians who are actively seeking another job or opportunity that offers you more, it could be time to take your first step towards independence. Here are nine signs you might be ready to start your own business.


    If you find yourself dreaming about doing something bigger and better, something that really motivates you – it could be time to switch directions and create your own opportunity. It may not seem like it now, but it is possible to wake up feeling excited about work, and to go to bed with a sense of fulfillment, after a productive and rewarding day.


    What you put into your career is what you get out of it, and business ownership is no different. As a business owner you trade a capped monthly salary for a ‘sky’s the limit’ mentality – and if that excites you more than it scares you, it sounds like you might be ready to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Yes, you’ll have to grind at the beginning – it wouldn’t be rewarding if you didn’t – but satisfaction lies in the knowledge that your hard work is for you, and that you’re investing in your own future.


    With business ownership comes freedom. The freedom to set your own goals, and to choose your own future. Being your own boss means that you own the crucial decisions, and it allows you to choose where, when, how, and with whom you want to work – so that you can create a lifestyle that revolves around the things that matter most to you.


    Success means different things to different people, and for some, real fulfillment comes from being a leader. If you’re ambitious and hard-working, but you want to leverage your leadership and business skills to write your own founder’s story, then it’s time to think seriously about working for yourself.


    A solid support system is crucial when it comes to business ownership. At Shack Shine, franchise partners know this, because they’re backed by a culture of founders, back-end systems, and tried-and-true marketing. In other words, they’re supported every step of the way.


    Ask yourself if you agree with this statement: “Life isn’t about benefits, pensions and slaving away until retirement; it’s about doing what you love to build a future for yourself and your family.” Business owners build legacies, and if you want a career that is personally and professionally rewarding, but also something you can pass down, business ownership might just be the perfect choice for you.


    If you’ve been plugging away at your existing career and have saved up enough capital to invest in a new business, it might be a great time to start looking into your options.


    You understand people and the way they work. You’ve been told you are a leader. Good interpersonal skills are crucial to business success, especially when it comes to building your own team, working with clients, and even networking within your industry.


    If you’re the kind of individual who thrives on personal development and experiencing new people, places and things, then you might be ready to take the leap. Starting a business won’t be easy. It takes hunger, hard work, and an element of risk-taking to succeed. But if you’re up to the challenge, you could write your own founder’s story, and change your life.

  8. How to Start a Franchise with No Money

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    Investing in a franchise can be a smart option for anyone looking to be their own boss by starting a business. But not everyone has the start-up capital required to kick-start that entrepreneurial journey, and make their dream of business ownership a reality.

    That doesn’t mean that starting a franchise is off-limits! Just because you may not have thousands of dollars sitting in your bank account ready to invest, doesn’t meaning you can’t start a franchise. In fact, there are several ways to generate capital. Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting a business… even when you don’t have the funds you need right now.


    Before you start seriously considering different franchise options, you need to know exactly what you can afford. This means having an excellent understanding of your current finances – including your net worth. Compile a balance sheet that lists all of your assets and liabilities, and figure out what you can realistically invest. That way, you know how much you still need. It’s often worth seeking advice from a financial advisor at this point, so that they can help you determine what you can afford – and what you can’t. Starting a franchise is always going to require a certain amount of risk, but make sure you’re only taking a smart risk – and not over-stretching yourself financially.


    Franchise costs vary massively depending on the business and the franchisor. Do your research, and look for franchises that are a realistic fit with your financial situation. OK, so you don’t have half a million dollars to sink into a retail-based franchise – that doesn’t mean that starting a franchise is off the table for you. Service based franchises like Shack Shine are more affordable because there’s no retail rates associated. You can base your business from home, and they’re low inventory, low overhead – meaning a lower initial investment and faster ramp-up time – so that with hard work and determination, you can start making money, and earning back your investment, fast.


    There are a number of ways you can go about securing the funds you need to start a franchise. Not all of these will be right for you, so look into each option carefully.

    Start saving

    It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Yes, you might want to ditch the suit and start creating the life you’ve always wanted NOW – but sometimes, patience isn’t just a virtue, it’s a necessity. Devise and commit to a solid savings plan, and work towards your goal of business ownership. It may be a long road, but you’ll know in your heart if it’s worth it.

    Borrow From Yourself

    It’s possible to borrow from your retirement savings to start a franchise, through something called Rollover as Business Startups, or ROBS. This allows you to use money from an IRA, 410(k) or 403(b) to pay the initial and/or ongoing costs of a Franchise business. However, while there are generally no penalties or interest, you will incur a tax liability on any money you withdraw from a retirement account. If you are a homeowner, another option is to take out a home equity loan on your property. Before tapping the equity in your home, make sure you appreciate the risks. If you default, the bank can seize your home.

    Apply For A Small Business Loan

    The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers loans for new businesses in the United States. New businesses and franchises can access SBA-backed loans by applying through their lenders. To qualify you will need a good credit score, and usually around 20-30% of the loan amount as a downpayment. If you are going down this route, it’s a good idea to choose a Franchise that has been registered and approved by the SBA, as you can benefit from a fast application process.

    Ask Friends or Family to Invest

    Walking up to someone at a BBQ and asking if they’ll lend you $20,000 to start a franchise probably isn’t going to work. Take the time to put together a legitimate sales pitch, laying out your business plan, and return on investment – for example, when you’ll pay them back. If you do secure an investor, ensure you have a contract drawn up by a legal professional, stating the terms of the agreement, and signed by both parties. Everything should be watertight, and everything should be above board.

    Find a Business Partner

    A problem halved is a problem solved, as the saying goes – and the same is true for an investment. Going into business with someone else means you can split the costs (but also the profits!). It’s also a big undertaking to work with someone day in day out, especially when it comes to agreeing on the big decisions that come with owning a business – so take that into consideration.

    A lot to think about, right? Weigh your options carefully, discuss with those closest to you, and consider all angles before making any decisions. Just don’t give up on your dream of business ownership!

    Ready to take the leap? Find out more about our franchising opportunities here.

  9. Starting Your Own Shack Shine Franchise: Our Process

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    Your entrepreneurial story starts now. But what does the path ahead look like? We’ve broken down the journey to franchise ownership step-by-step, so that you know exactly what to expect.

    Stage 1: Introductory Call

    It all starts with a screening phone call. This is a call with one of our Franchise Development Managers (think of them as our talent scouts), who will ask you some questions to help us determine whether or not there could be a fit. If so, we’ll also discuss markets that are available. 

    Stage 2: Market Study 

    If we decide that we’d like to move forward, we’ll have some further, more in-depth calls – which should lead to the due diligence stage. This involves creating a market study, where you’ll explore customer demographics, and develop a thorough understanding of the industry potential within your territory.

    Stage 3: Budget and Financial Forecast 

    During this stage, a number of things happen. We work with you to build a realistic business plan and financial forecast. You will also review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), and we’ll discuss your plans and your available options for funding and financing. 

    Stage 4: Speaking To Our Franchise Owners

    One of the best ways for us to ensure we’re finding the right new owners is to have them speak to our existing Franchise Partners. It’s also a perfect time to learn more about their experiences, their opinions on the business, and what it takes to be successful. 

    Stage 5: Final Interview Day

    You will visit our head office in Vancouver, Canada, to meet with the leaders behind O2E Brands, see the teams that will be supporting you in your business, and witness operations first-hand. It’s also when we finalize your business plan and territory. Note: for the duration of travel restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are hosting virtual final interview days. Check out this video for a tour of ‘The Junktion’ – our HQ! 

    Stage 6: Franchise Awarded 

    When you reach this stage, it’s time to celebrate! Your corporation will be established, you’ll pay your franchise fees, and we’ll have your franchise agreements ready for signing. You’ll then start your on-boarding and training. 

    As you can see, it’s not a quick process, but that’s because this is a huge, life-changing decision – and we need to make sure that you’re right for us, and that we’re right for you. 

  10. The 4 Things All Successful Franchise Owners Have In Common

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    ‘How much money will I make?’, is one of the first questions most people ask when they start looking into buying a franchise. The answer? How successful you are as a franchise owner really depends on you. 

    Yes, the franchise model, back-end support, systems and operations are all important – but while these elements set you up for success, achieving that success is something only you have the power to do. 

    Over the course of our 30+ years experience at O2E Brands, we’ve identified not only what makes a great franchise partner, but what makes a successful one: and there are a number of traits that they all have in common. 

    What are they, and do you have them? Read on to find out. 


    If you’ve decided you want to be a business owner, then you have to be all in. And to be all in, you have to really want it. You have to want to be your own boss. You have to crave taking control of your future. You have to be committed to changing your life by building something that is yours. You have to know that you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.


    Running a franchise requires a strong drive and motivation for success, and that’s what we look for in our Franchise Partners. People who aren’t afraid of hard work. People who understand that sure, it might be tough at first – but that putting in the work now means reaping the rewards later. Successful franchisors are the ones who look at the big picture, not just the ‘right now’, and have a clear idea of where they want to take their business. They don’t just head into year 1 asking: ‘when is the money going to start rolling in?’ – they think about year 2, year 5, year 10: and work towards big goals. 


    What it really comes down to, is this: you get out what you put in. Successful franchisors are those who want to dig in, roll up their sleeves, and be involved at every level of their business – especially in the early years. You’re building something from the ground up, you’re building a legacy, you’re building something you can be proud of – to do that, you have to be hands-on. If your team can see that you’re 100% committed, then they will be too. 


    Obviously, nobody is relentlessly happy all of the time (that would be impossible, and a little bit terrifying). But what makes a good Franchise Partner is someone with great interpersonal skills and a positive outlook, combined with a ‘yes I can’ attitude. This is key when it comes to interacting with employees and customers, because creating loyalty, value and trust is the foundation of any successful business. 

    If you think you have these 4 integral qualities, and you’re interested in learning more about Shack Shine opportunities, schedule a 15 minute intro call with us today