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  1. After running operations for someone else, he was ready to make it on his own

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    Doug Wootten

    Meet Doug Wootten. He spent the last 8 years running operations for a business in which he wasn’t the owner. But when that company was sold, Doug realized he didn’t want to run somebody else’s business anymore. It was time to write his own story. Here’s what he had to say about life as a Franchise Partner with Shack Shine. 

    Q: What made you want to own a business?

    Before becoming a Franchise Partner, I was managing the operations of an accounting firm. But it wasn’t my business. Although I’d started the firm with the owner from scratch and built it over 8 years, I didn’t have any ownership in it. So when he sold the business at the end of 2019, I realized it was time to run my own business. I didn’t want to run someone else’s business anymore.

    Q: Why now – what was it that made you take the leap?

    I have a lot of experience managing people. While running the accounting firm I enjoyed being in all the aspects of the business. The more responsibility I took on, the more I realized how much I enjoyed running the show. I thought to myself, “Why shouldn’t I run my own business?” I really didn’t feel confined to the accounting industry, and felt like I could take my skills anywhere. When the company was sold, that ended up becoming the trigger. It wasn’t even something I was considering until the company was sold, but that’s when I realized I was ready to build something for myself…in a way, I feel like the decision was sort of thrust upon me. 

     Q: In your opinion, what are the benefits of joining a franchise system? 

    Without a doubt, having a company with brand recognition. In general, the franchise model has some brand recognition right away. Not only that, but the fact that I’m given a blueprint of how to run and market a business in which I have no background in. I know how to manage and hire people, and that’s what’s important. With all the processes already in place, it meant I could be up and running quicker. 

    Q: Why Shack Shine, what made this the right fit? 

    I did look at a few different businesses and types of businesses, as well as one in which I would have different roles. I was able to compare and decided what role I wanted first. Once I decided that, it was about looking at franchises where the business model worked — my gut told me that a business like Shack Shine is going to do great in Virginia. Another reason was the history of O2E brands and 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, which made me confident that they know what they’re doing. They’ve had the chance to work out all the bumps along the way, and now the systems and processes have been refined. As well, I think there’s the perfect combination of having that experience but also being a fairly new brand. That’s something that really excites me, because I’m thrilled to be bringing a new brand here to show this city what we can do. I want to take this brand from one that nobody has ever heard of, to make it a household name in Richmond.

    Doug Wootten

    Q: What are you most looking forward to about being a business owner?

    Just the pride that’s going to go along with a successful company, not only financially but in terms of reputation. I want Shack Shine to be the best company at what we do here in Richmond. People are going to talk, and I want to hear them saying, “If you want the best, go to Shack Shine.” I also want it to be an awesome place to work!

    Q: What are your passions / interests / hobbies – what makes you happiest and motivates you? 

    I’m an outdoorsy person, so I enjoy riding bikes and kayaking, and love getting out on the river. My two kids are also a huge part of my life. I’m a guitarist, it was a big passion of mine when I was younger, but I don’t have as much time for it these days. 

    Q: Tell us about your territory, what makes it unique? 

    I love my territory. There are plenty of homes that are in neighbourhoods that are 30-40 years old, well established neighbourhoods with lots of trees — meaning lots of gutter cleaning and mildew! My two territories are on the North and South sides of the river that runs through the city of Richmond, Virginia.

    Q: How has the virtual element of the process been – the fact you haven’t been able to visit the Junktion etc.? 

    It definitely has been challenging. It’s tough doing everything on Zoom, because during training I didn’t get to meet anyone face to face. That being said, I got what I needed — it’s just that I missed the human connection. But it was nice doing the virtual onboarding process together with the other Franchise Partners, we all felt like we were on the same boat. Everyone was asking questions and really engaged, which was really great to see. 

    Thank you and congratulations on your business Doug! 

    Find out more about our franchise opportunities here.

  2. We chose Shack Shine because they put people first

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    One has always dreamed of being their own boss, the other had never considered it until now. While father and son duo Fred and Ian Shirley hadn’t initially considered franchising, they recognized that the home services industry is currently booming. And when they came across Shack Shine and fell in love with the corporate culture, these partners decided to join forces to build something for themselves. 

    Q: What made you want to own a business?

    Fred: I’ve worked in the oil industry for the past 40 years — but in recent times I’ve felt that the future in the industry didn’t look very promising. In fact, it’s the worst I’ve seen in my life. That’s why I decided to start something new. 

    Ian: I knew I always wanted to be my own boss. I didn’t enjoy working for big companies — doing all the work but seeing none of the fruits of my labour. I decided it was time to take control of that part of my life. 

    Q: Why now – what was it that made you take the leap? 

    Fred: Ten years ago, I wasn’t even thinking about having my own company. My life has always been geophysics, and that’s what I knew. I honestly didn’t really think about not doing this until things got to a point where I didn’t think there was much of a future in it. 

    Ian: I was looking for jobs because I got laid off, and that’s when I was approached by a franchise broker. I knew I always wanted to own my own business but didn’t really consider franchising. But when the broker approached me, I fell in love with the Shack Shine brand and decided to go for it. 

    Q: In your opinion, what are the benefits of joining a franchise system? 

    Fred: For me, it’s really been about the other franchise partners. Everyone helps everyone — it’s not about competition but about helping each other out. It came down to the support: not just from corporate side but from the franchise partners themselves as well. 

    Ian: I’ve never owned a business, so I don’t know the first thing about starting one — from writing a business plan, to running operations, to everything in between. Where you benefit from joining a franchise is that kind of stuff is written out for you. You are handed a formula that works, and all you have to do is follow it. I really do feel that this is a great way for a first time business owner to get into entrepreneurship. 

    Q: Why Shack Shine, what made this the right fit? 

    Fred: The brand just felt like something I understood more than the other franchises. I think one of the biggest advantages was the corporate support, it really made Shack Shine stand out. Another reason was that the house detailing industry seems to be more COVID resistant: you’re in and out quickly, it’s all outdoors, you’re socially distanced, and of course, people are thinking a lot more about their homes nowadays. It just made a lot of sense to me.

    Ian: Shack Shine prioritizes their people, and that’s a big part of their culture. With other franchises, I just didn’t feel like it was all about the people. Plus, the others didn’t really commit to brand image the way Shack Shine does. They didn’t have a creative team, for example, to create a branded ad campaign — you’d have to do all that stuff yourself.

    Q: What are you most looking forward to about being a business owner?

    Fred: Not sure — this is so new to me! It’s really hard to know what to expect. There will be a lot of work to it, so at the end of the day I’m just hoping we can do a good job to get things growing.

    Ian: I like the challenge of it! It’s really motivating know that the work and effort you put into this will directly affect how successful it becomes. There’s a direct correlation, and I like that a lot. I also like the idea that every day is going to be different…really glad I won’t be working in another cubicle!

    Q: What are your passions / interests / hobbies – what makes you happiest and motivates you? 

    Fred: One of my favourites is cycling with my sons. Ian and I have done the MS 150 every year except for the last two due to COVID. I also enjoy yoga and cooking.

    Ian: Travelling, snowboarding, and golfing are bigs ones for me. I’m also a big nerd and love playing video games. Last but not least, I love cycling with my dad — we’ve done MS 150 together eleven times in total.

    Q: Tell us about your territory, what makes it unique? 

    Fred: That was another reason why we went with Shack Shine. We are the first franchise here in Houston, so we could pick whichever territory we wanted. We picked North Houston, which includes the Woodlands and Summerwood, plus all along the west coast of Lake Houston. It’s a great area — lots of really nice homes there — and we were even able to modify the territory a little to pick up a piece that I was interested in. 

    Ian: Houston is one of the largest urban sprawls in the U.S. The city is enormous, so our territory is pretty big. Everybody has a lot of space, so even the cheaper houses are relatively big compared to other parts of the country. It’s kind of a challenge, what with all the travelling, but it means having a wide array of demographics. Houston really is a huge melting pot.

    Q: How has the virtual element of the process been – the fact you haven’t been able to visit the Junktion etc.? 

    Fred: Actually, I’m fine with using Zoom! It’s something that I’m very used to, and honestly kind of prefer it. 

    Ian: It’s been challenging for me, but that’s mainly because I’m mostly a hands-on learner. What I like about the virtual onboarding is that I can still remain full-time employed while I train. That kind of flexibility has been really great.

    Thank you and congratulations on your business Ian and Fred! 

    Find out more about our franchise opportunities here.

  3. For this serial entrepreneur, the move to Shack Shine couldn’t have happened at a better time

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    Meet Jeremy Zeyl, the latest Franchise Partner to join the Shack Shine family. When the pandemic nearly killed his music business, Jeremy realized it was time to make the change to home services. Read on to find out why this father of two jumped on the opportunity to franchise with Shack Shine.

    Q: Hi, Jeremy. First off — what made you want to own a business?

    JZ: I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur — I’ve run my own business in one shape or another for the past 15 years. It started after university when I began by running a home services franchise. Then, I launched a music business, and actually had a 15 year live music career. After that I founded and started a composting business that diverted organics from landfills to organic vegetable farms. After I sold that business, I saw an opportunity in the area of pressure washing and exterior home cleaning. I thought about starting my own business once again, but when I discovered the branding and systems for Shack Shine, I decided I wanted the support rather than having to do it on my own.

    Q: Why now – what was it that made you take the leap? 

    JZ: A couple of different factors. Number one: I’ve operated a live music business for a number of years, meaning I had to be on the road either by myself or with my family. In the last two years, I performed more than 188 shows in a period of 14 months — and I have two kids, Isaiah and Kiara (11 and 7). In the last year or so, I’ve been looking for something that didn’t involve as much travel. Number 2: COVID-19 killed my music business. When it happened, I started falling back into my other skills — carpentry, building fences and decks — while researching and thinking about my next move. To be honest, I am thrilled by the lifestyle change of not having to travel as much nowadays.

    Q: In your opinion, what are the benefits of joining a franchise system? 

    JZ: I can see the benefits already, particularly in the area of branding support. I’ve started my own businesses before, and it’s really refreshing to come into it with half the business already taken care of. Of course, you do pay for it in the form of royalties — but for me it’s a no-brainer. If I were to start this type of house detailing service on my own, it would have taken me 5-10 years to get to where it could even compete with something like this. The branding and the systems, including the sales centre, the team, and the coaching — you just can’t beat that. Now, I can be confident in starting a business despite no background in window cleaning or Christmas lights. You don’t have to be an expert in the field anymore, because they provide you with the training and support that you need to be successful.

    Q: Why Shack Shine, what made this the right fit? 

    JZ: This business is the right fit because of the home services element. I’m a homeowner myself, so I get it when people take a lot of pride in their home space. I’ve actually toyed with the idea of becoming a realtor in another life…I just like talking about homes! Shack Shine appealed to me in particular because of how nimble and quick its services are. I want to help serve customers but I like being in and out in less than a day. 

    Q: What are you most looking forward to about being a business owner?

    JZ: Meeting and building the team that I’m going to hire. At the end of the day, it’s all about people! The success of this franchise and my business is going to be based on the people that I can hire, so that’s the first thing that I’m thinking about. 

    Q: What are your passions / interests / hobbies – what makes you happiest and motivates you? 

    JZ: I’m very entrepreneurial, I love starting something from scratch and seeing it grow. I love music as well — I studied it at university and became a professional songwriter. I’ve toured across Canada and into Europe. And I love my kids. 

    Q: Tell us about your territory, what makes it unique? 

    JZ: My territory covers Brampton and North Peel. I actually don’t live in my territory, so I had to take some time to learn about it.  It’s a unique area — half of it is a very highly populated urban area (Brampton), whereas the Northern part is mostly farms and larger estates. I look forward to learning more about what that territory is like in the coming year!

    Q: How has the virtual element of the process been – the fact you haven’t been able to visit the Junktion etc.? 

    JZ: I love it. I don’t feel as if I’m missing anything. Of course when you’re in person there’s always more you can get on a relationship building level. But the process — particularly with Jeremy Ennis — has been incredibly rewarding. For me, it’s the right move: I’ll be conducting all my interviews via Zoom. It just makes sense, on both a cost and efficiency level. 

    Thank you and congratulations on your business Jeremy! 

    Find out more about our franchise opportunities here.

  4. This holiday season, we’ve gotten bigger and brighter

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    If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that 2020 has been full of surprises. So when requests for Christmas light installments started flooding in as early as October this year, we were totally shocked! 

    Shack Shine has just lit up CNBC

    In fact, the massive surge in early inquiries was so noteworthy that one of our Shack Shine Franchise Partners, Kevin Young from New Jersey, was featured on CNBC this past week. Since October, Franchise Partners like Kevin have been working tirelessly to bring brightness, cheer, and the magic of the holidays during these uncertain times. As he puts it, “we’re definitely seeing a demand to be bigger and brighter this year!”

    In past years, it was unheard to see requests come in so early. But this isn’t your typical year — 2020 has proven to be challenging, but the ritual of changing your space and decorating over the holiday season has brought a semblance of normalcy to many. Franchise Partners like Kevin saw an opportunity to make spirits brighter (literally!) and the results of his hard work (and many others) are lighting up households across North America. 

    There’s never been a better time 

    We’ve seen exponential growth in home services over the past six months, and as we look towards 2021, the industry is ripe with opportunity. If you or someone you know is interested in taking the leap into business ownership, franchising with Shack Shine may be your ticket into entrepreneurship. 

    From all of us at Shack Shine, happy holidays!

  5. Best Christmas Light Displays in the US and CA

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    At Shack Shine, Christmas lights are our favorite part of the Holidays! Who doesn’t love a nice cruise down their neighborhood with a cup of hot cocoa while taking in all the different ideas and designs that others came up with? We know we do. 

    Our top priorities are to make your life easier and to make you fall in love with your home all over again. Whether you need our cleaning services or help with your lights, we go the extra mile and get it done right. 

    Shack Shine is proud to serve a wide range of customers in both the United States and Canada, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite places to see Christmas lights in both countries. We hope you enjoy, and we also hope you get the chance to visit some of these destinations in the future! 

    United States

    Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway — Las Vegas, Nevada

    The Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a drive-through only Christmas light experience that boasts a total of more than 3 million individual lights. Drivers are welcome to pack up their cars with friends and family drive slowly through the 2.5-mile course — hopefully with some hot cocoa! Locals warn it gets colder than you might think. Admission is by vehicle, so the more you can pack up your car the better. 

    Austin trail of lights Christmas lights

    Austin Trail of Lights at Zilker Park — Austin, Texas

    With a general local affinity for the arts and a slogan like “Keep Austin Weird,” it may come as no surprise to you that this city doesn’t mess around when it comes to their Christmas lights. The Austin Trail of Lights is Austin’s biggest holiday tradition and the second largest of any single event in the city at all. In addition to the impressive light displays, Austin’s other specialties make appearances — from music to food to technology.  

    ZooLights Smithsonian’s National Zoo — Washington, D.C.

    The Smithsonian’s ZooLights experience is an event that’s open to the public and brings thousands of visitors each year. Hundreds of thousands of lights span across the zoo for an unforgettable sight, and there are also other events like live shows and interactive exhibits. Food and drink are available at this event. 

    Enchanted: Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens — Los Angeles, California

    Going to the Descanso Gardens in LA is an amazing experience any time of the year, as this expanse of land is covered by the rare natural beauty of the specialized botanical collections. The light display they set up for the holidays, though, is truly something that needs to be seen to be believed, and many locals will tell you this is the best place to see Christmas lights. The Enchanted Forest of Light delivers stunning, interactive displays to visitors that attract thousands each year. 



    Calvacade of Lights — Toronto, Ontario

    Every year the city of Toronto hosts the Calvacade of Lights — an event that officially marks the beginning of the holiday season there. During the event, they light up the 50-foot Christmas tree in Nathan Phillips Square, followed by music, skating, and fireworks. This tradition started in 1967 and has since transformed into a month-long celebration.

    winter festival of lights niagara falls christmas lights

    Winter Festival of Lights — Niagara Falls, Ontario

    As far as scenic views go, it’s difficult to compete with Niagara Falls featuring a holiday-themed light spectacle. An 8km path takes visitors through Niagara parks, the Dufferin Islands, and surrounding areas while they get to see attractions like the Zimmerman Fountain, Skylon Tower, wildlife displays, fireworks, and more. The Winter Festival of Lights sees over a million visitors every single year. 

    festival of lights at VanDusen, Vancouver, christmas lights

    Festival of Lights at VanDusen Botanical Garden — Vancouver, British Columbia

    Like the Forest of Light at the Descanso Gardens, the VanDusen Garden is a visually stunning experience regardless of what time of the year you go — which makes the opportunity to see it during the holiday festivities something really exciting. On top of the beautiful landscape sits a picturesque winter wonderland that the whole family will want to visit every year. 

    Christmas Lights Across Canada

    christmas lights across canada

    Need a Hand With Your Christmas Lights This Year?

    Admittedly, it’s going to take some dedication to compete with our contenders — but hey, we’re not doubting your creativity! Hopefully, a look at some of these world-renowned Christmas light displays will help you find inspiration to dazzle your neighbors with a display of your own.

    That’s where we come in! In addition to our full-service outside cleaning, we can also take care of Christmas light installations — whatever that looks like for you. We’ll have a full team with all the necessary equipment and experience ready to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Get a quote for your Christmas light installation today!

  6. 3 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Rain Gutters Regularly

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    Gutter Cleaning

    We have two questions for you today:

    • Question #1: Have you taken your cozy sweaters out of your clothing storage yet? 
    • Question #2: When was the last time your home had a thorough rain gutter cleaning?

    Ok, ok, these questions may not be related to each other, but if you think about it, they kind of are. 🙂 

    Fall and winter bring so many cozy, heart-warming experiences for you and your home. Think pumpkin spice lattes or Christmas lights, or both!

    Back to your gutters – if you can’t remember when you last had them cleaned or have noticed a waterfall forming by the side of your home, it might be time to get them done again! 

    Gutters may not be the first item on your mind when it comes to making your home happy, but they play an important role in keeping your home smiling and safe. Here are the three most important reasons why you should have your gutters regularly cleaned.

    #1) Prevent Water Damage to Your Home Leaking Gutter

    When clear, a gutter can safely catch, carry, and dispose of rain. However, if the gutter is blocked by debris, the water is no longer able to be safely carried away and begins to overflow. As the water pools over the sides of the gutter, it creates one of those waterfalls you may have seen around your house. The real issue comes from the side of the gutter that is facing your home. The water from the gutters can pool onto your roof and cause expensive internal and external damage to your home.

    If you have noticed any waterfalls forming around your home during rainy days, be sure to give our friendly gutter cleaning technicians a call!

    #2) Protect Your Roof and Gutters

    As you can imagine, a gutter full of debris and water build-up can be quite a bit heavier than the steady flow a gutter is intended for. Too much extra weight can actually damage your gutters and cause them to sag.

    Not only can having clogged gutters damage the gutters themselves, but it can also damage your roof. Continuous exposure to overflowing water can rot away shingles and lead to leaks and mold.

    #3) Discourage Pests

    Did you know clogged gutters make great homes for all sorts of critters? Yikes! 

    Rodents in particular love to build nests in clogged gutters. Once a critter sets up shop in your gutter, you can be sure it will be on the lookout for snacks around (or inside!) your home.

    Not a fan of furry freeloaders? Regular gutter cleaning is a great way to discourage any unwanted house guests from calling your gutters their home.

    Gutter Cleaning With Shack Shine: Your Home Will <3 You

    Regular rain gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home that can often get lost in the shuffle of hectic schedules and busy weekends. And that’s okay!

    At Shack Shine, we make it easy and convenient to keep your home safe and shiny. Our rain gutter cleaning services ensure that your home is ready for the changing seasons by clearing your gutters of whatever the weather may bring. For a free estimate for professional gutter cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, uniformed technicians today!

  7. Christmas or Halloween? Install Christmas Lights Early and Enjoy Both!

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    Halloween Lights

    The Pumpkin Spice Latte season is upon us and you might be wondering when you should start thinking about Christmas light installation! We could be a little bit biased (just a tiny bit :), but we at Shack Shine believe it is never too early to start spreading some Christmas cheer! 

    That’s exactly why we have our Christmas lights installation team ready to go (as early as all-year-round) to help you make your house the shiniest one on the block. 🙂

    Whether you are looking to spice up (pun intended) your Halloween decor or ready to kick off the holidays early, Shack Shine is here to help you. Here are the three reasons why it is never too early to start decking the halls by installing your Christmas lights now!

    #1) Enjoy the Light Show for Longer

    Few things are more gratifying at Shack Shine than the expressions of our customers when they see their professionally-lit home for the first time. The anticipation! The unveiling! The shining spectacle of it all! It’s like a red carpet event where your home is the star—it would be a shame to limit such an event to just one month.

    By installing your Christmas lights early, you get to enjoy the amazing light show for much longer. Best of all, there is literally no downside to installing your lights early! When you contact Shack Shine for help with outdoor Christmas lights, we make your home shine with one detailed visit and then return to take them down after the holidays have ended. It’s all included in our high-value package—when you want to put your lights up is completely up to you.

    #2) Make Your Home ShineChristmas Lights

    Trust us, your home will love you for it! Installing Christmas lights early is the perfect way to bring joy to you and your neighborhood. 

    Picture this—it has been a long day at work. The days keep getting shorter and it is already dark as you are driving home. You turn a corner and notice a house on your street—brightly radiating through the dark, with a vibrant display of colors and holiday cheer.

    Sounds nice to come home to, right?

    There is a certain magic to Christmas lights that goes beyond the bulbs, and let’s face it, everyone can always use a little more magic in their lives!

    #3) Be a Trendsetter

    Just like you, your home is unique, special, and deserves to shine! Putting your Christmas lights up early is the perfect way to help your home stand out and turn heads.

    With our professional Christmas light installation service, we really want to make your home shine in a way that your home deserves. When we help with outdoor Christmas lights, we use a custom approach that caters specifically to your home. 

    No two homes are the same, which is why we light up your home in a way that is unique to it. When we finish with your home’s Christmas light glow-up, it is always the talk of the block!

    Making Your Home Smile With Shack Shine

    When Shack Shine helps with installing outdoor Christmas lights, we put happiness into every detail. With a visit from our friendly, uniformed technicians, our professional Christmas lighting makes your home smile brighter than ever before. Interested in booking our Christmas light installation service? Reach out to our Christmas light experts and we would be happy to make your home shine!

  8. This Franchise Partner is Starting His “Second Act”

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    Florida East Shack Shine Franchise Owner Alex Blackwell

    Shack Shine Franchise Partner Alex Blackwell talks relocating to Florida to start his new business, building a legacy he can pass on to his kids, and the benefits of being part of a franchising system: ‘it’s freedom within a framework’.

    Read his interview below.

    What made you want to own your own business… why now?

    I retired from a 33 year career in printing, and I’ve always wanted to own my own business, it was now or never. I’m probably older than the typical franchise partner coming in, but I see that as an advantage – because I can leverage my previous career and use that experience to build a profitable Shack Shine business. So really, the answer is now or never!

    And you’re moving from Kansas City to Florida East to start your business?

    Yes, my wife and I bought a home in Florida seven years ago, and we’ve always wanted to live there full time, but we were on the career track, raising kids – it just wasn’t possible. Now we’re at a point in our lives where 3 of our 4 children live on the east coast, with 3 grandchildren, so we want to be closer to them. I call this my second act in life. My first act was the 33 year career in printing in Kansas City, and now this is my second act in Florida as a business owner – and being more present as a grandparent.

    Why Shack Shine?

    Well, I wanted to invest in a business in home services. My wife and I love to work on homes. So home services was the market segment I wanted to invest in. And Shack Shine is a great fit with Florida, because the climate in Florida lends itself to year round service. It was a very modest investment too, so that was a factor, but I think the real ‘deal sealer’ was the culture at O2E Brands. It exceeded my expectations. Just the… honestly, it was just the quality of the people – how much they truly cared about my success, it just blew me away.

    And why franchising?

    Again, my dream was always to own my business. In one of Brian Scudamore’s Founders Stories podcast episodes, one of the franchise partners said: ‘it’s freedom within a framework’, and that sums it up for me really. I can finally own my own business, but I have the support and the framework of many successful people behind me. So that’s why a franchise.

    What are you looking forward to most about your new business, would you say?

    Just the ability to create something from scratch, and watching it grow into something valuable for my family, my community, and the employees that I hire – the team that I build.

    What’s motivating you, what’s the big goal?

    Well, as I said I’m a bit older, so ultimately I want to create a legacy – I want to sell my business to one of my children, be a part-time business owner, and then fully retired, sitting on the beach. But I still have plenty of gas in the tank before that happens!

    And finally, how are you involved in your community, what are your interests outside of work?

    We’re just moving into this community full time, so task one will be to continue to meet people and make friends, and learn about all the fun things that area has to offer. Before now we only spent a couple of weeks a year there, but now we get to live there, so getting involved in the community will be a big priority. As I mentioned before, me and my wife both love working on homes too, so we’re going to spend some time renovating the house. And spending time with our grandkids of course!

    Thanks Alex, and congratulations on your new business!

    Are you interested in learning more about our franchise opportunities? Get in touch!

  9. Shack Shine Expanding to Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Land O’ Lakes

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    Shack Shine Tampa

    Shack Shine Tampa has expanded into Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Land O’ Lakes where they’ll offer a variety of house detailing services. Shack Shine’s Tampa location was the first to launch in Florida and is quickly expanding north to service Tampa’s more suburban neighbors.

    Shack Shine offers window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and Christmas light installation services.

    “It’s a great opportunity to professionalize an industry that hasn’t had the best reputation. We’re excited to bring a trusted brand to more doorsteps” said Zach Tyler, the Franchise Partner of Shack Shine’s Tampa location.

    “Customers can now get all of their exterior house cleaning needs out of the way in one detailed visit. No more coordinating with multiple service providers. We differentiate ourselves not only through our bundle of services but through professionalism that’s rarely seen within the industry.”

    Shack Shine operates Monday through Saturday and is now available to the residents of Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Land O’ Lakes. Early plans are to continue servicing the area lead by Zach Tyler and his experienced team of Lead Technicians and Technicians.

    Looking to start your own fast-growing franchise company? Find out more about our franchise opportunities here.

  10. Why A House Detailing Business Was A ‘No Brainer’ For This Franchise Partner

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    Yvonne de Boer, Shack Shine Franchise Partner in London, Ontario

    After 15 years of running a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise with her husband, Yvonne de Boer is going it alone… but keeping it in the O2E Brands family, of course. Here, she explains why owning a Shack Shine Franchise was a ‘no brainer’, what motivates her to build a business at the age of 50, and what makes her territory unique (hint: it’s not Justin Bieber).

    So Yvonne – what made you want to own a business?

    Well, we actually already own a business, my husband and I. He owns a 1-800-GOT-JUNK franchise. So I’ve been familiar with that brand and the people behind it, the same people behind Shack Shine, for 15 years. Originally we weren’t going to buy another business until our kids were completely out of the house, but they were like, “What are you nuts? We want to be involved!”. We’ve got a 21-year-old, 19-year-old, and a 16-year-old, and they’re all involved in our junk business – they work on the trucks! 

    So will join your Shack Shine team, too?

    Well, two of them probably. One of them is looking to move on to different areas – I mean they have their own lives too, right? But my 16-year-old has already started helping me field market.

    That’s amazing. So what was it that appealed about Shack Shine as opposed to any other business?

    My husband kind of came up with the idea, actually. We always thought that I would take over more of the junk business and he would start something else. But then he was talking to somebody who was already involved in Shack Shine and it got him curious – so he came and told me about it, and we discussed it, and I said, “yeah, that doesn’t scare me at all, it sounds really cool.” I’m a homeowner, so I really saw the value in a business that unites these services together. I knew that I could sell it myself because I believe in it myself. Also, O2E Brands has been really good to us, through our experience with 1-800-GOT-JUNK, so it was kind of a no brainer to invest in another of their franchises. 

    What would you say is your main motivator in life and in business?

    Oh, my family. My kids are incredible, my husband’s incredible, and I do this for them. But also for myself, you know, because I can do this – there’s a sense of pride in building something yourself… which can happen at the age of 50, believe it or not! 

    What advice would you give to anyone looking at franchise options?

    Go for it. Because you have systems in place for you that are already tried and tested, and you own a business, but a business in which you are supported. I only have experience with O2E brands, but I’ve heard that compared to a lot of other franchises, they’re just incredible – they really want to see you succeed. I think Brian Scudamore especially really does care about all of the Franchise Partners – and that’s pretty unique and pretty special in a franchise system.

    What would you say makes your territory, London, Ontario, unique?

    I love the fact that it’s probably the largest small town in Ontario. It’s huge, there’s a lot of people in it, but it still has a small town feel to it. We’re far enough away from Toronto that we’re not 24/7, we’re not go, go, go. The city kind of shuts down a little bit on Saturday afternoon and Sunday is a little quieter again. But the people are what make it, for sure.

    And it spawned Justin Bieber.

    Yeah, that’s kind of cool too, I guess. [laughs]

    What are your passions outside of work? 

    Oh boy, I love traveling. That’s probably a big one right now. You probably hear that from a lot of people, right? I’m doing a little bit in the community through a church that we’re a part of, too, and we really enjoy that. We’re also involved in things like the Santa Claus parade, a lot of different little community things.

    Find out more about our franchise opportunities here.